When is the best time to grow autoflowering cannabis strains outdoors?

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When is the best time to grow autoflowering cannabis strains outdoors?  - When do I plant autoflowering seeds outdoors?

Spring is just around the corner, which means the outdoor cannabis growing season is about to begin. Have you considered growing autoflowering strains outdoors this year? Autoflowering strains have taken the world by storm with their fast and easy growth, and they also offer some great benefits for outdoor marijuana growers compared to typical photoperiod strains. Autoflowering strains allow you to time your harvest so that the flowers mature in late summer, making them larger and more potent than if they were to mature in the fall.

I will discuss the following points in this blog post:

  •     What are the benefits of outdoor autoflowering varieties ?
  •     When do I start germination or cultivation?
  •     Tips for growing autoflowers outdoors.

Advantages of autoflowering strains for outdoor growers

  • Faster harvest: Autoflowering cannabis plants are quicker to harvest than photoperiod strains, especially outdoors.
  • Control the perfect harvest time: You don't have to worry about a rainy season. You can make sure that the buds ripen in late summer so that they grow bigger and stronger than if they ripen in the fall.
  • High yield: As long as autoflowering plants have a good start, good soil and plenty of warm, sunny days, they tend to be very productive in terms of yield and potency when grown outdoors.

Before autoflowering varieties were available, one of the main problems for outdoor growers was losing their crop in the fall due to bud rot, powdery mildew or mold. With autoflowering varieties, you can determine the harvest time yourself, so this no longer happens. In addition, the buds gain the most weight and THC in the crucial ripening weeks before harvest. The best results are achieved in this phase when light conditions are maximized. Autoflowering strains make it possible to plan the harvest so that the buds are ripe at exactly this time.

When is the best time to grow autoflowers outdoors?

Germinate the autoflowering seeds in late spring:

For the best results with outdoor autoflowering strains, autoflowering cannabis strains should be planted in late spring. So we do this in the last week of May or the first week of June. You are probably wondering why it has to be June. The answer is obvious: June has the longest days of the year. To be more precise, there are 16 hours from sunrise to sunset. And this is exactly what our autoflowering plants with a limited growth period need. Explosive vegetative growth.

Harvest the plants in late summer:

This maximizes the amount of light your plants receive in the crucial final weeks of growth, increasing yield and THC content. Harvesting the plants in late summer also helps to ensure that the buds are exposed to no or very little rain, as we can expect more rainfall in the fall. Before autoflowering varieties were available, one of the main problems for outdoor growers was losing their harvest in the fall due to rot or mold. Autoflowering strains allow you to plan your harvest so that the fat buds are ready at the perfect time.

Consider the flowering time of the variety:

I'm assuming a 12-week cycle from seed to harvest here in this post, which reflects the general average for autoflowers. We are taking advantage of the months that are the warmest and sunniest. Fortunately, most places in the world have at least two months of sunny weather, so almost anyone can grow an autoflowering strain, especially if you choose a particularly fast variety.

Autoflowering seeds can be planted at any time of year as long as it is warm and sunny for at least 2 months. The aim is to get the seeds to the point where they are ready to harvest while it is still sunny and warm.

Tips for growing autoflowering seeds outdoors.

  • The seeds need warmth to germinate: 27 degrees is optimal for explosive germination.
  • If possible, grow the seedlings indoors: This can be done, but is not a must ! The first 3-4 weeks of growth are crucial for the size of the plant, which maximizes the yield outdoors. So if you have a small LED grow light with a timer, set it to 18 hours and pre-grow them in a lightproof cabinet for 2 weeks.
  • Plant the seedlings directly in a 20 liter pot: in a smaller pot they are limited in size and autoflowers do not like repotting. Any pot is suitable, but fabric pots are preferable because the plants grow faster and larger in them and run less risk of being watered too much as the soil can dry out on the sides.
  • Please do not water the small seedlings too much: Basically, you should only water 1-2 cups of water every other day at first and then gradually water more as the plants get bigger. Too much watering inhibits the plants' growth or causes the seedlings to shoot up and topple over.

Every year there are countless impatient gardeners who start growing outdoors at the end of March. They then have to make do with 5 grams of dry buds or dispose of the plants when the last frost kills the small plants. But if you are patient, you will be rewarded with big healthy hemp plants!

In the next blog, we will go into more detail about outdoor cultivation.

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