Barney`s Farm

Barney's Farm is a cannabis seed bank known worldwide and appreciated by growers of all levels. The company is one of the oldest cannabis breeders in the world and is renowned for its quality genetics and wide range of award-winning strains.

This article shows which hemp varieties from Barney's Farm are particularly popular and which characteristics distinguish the company.

What is Barney's Farm?

Barney's Farm is one of the oldest companies in the world specializing in the breeding and production of high quality cannabis seeds. The owner, Derry, brought world-class genetics from Himalayan hemp plants to the people and also traveled to many other places in the world known for hemp cultivation. Derry spends many years breeding special strains to achieve ideal taste, THC levels, and outstanding aroma.

Last but not least, due to years of experience, Barney's Farm is considered one of the most successful seed companies in the world, winning a number of awards and consistently developing new, exciting strains of cannabis plants. In order to be able to constantly develop improved seeds with new properties, Barney's Farm is involved in a large number of studies and research projects.

Product Range

Barney's Farm has a huge selection of cannabis seeds due to decades of breeding experience. The company has specialized in the genetic development of feminized seeds. Varieties rich in CBD and special varieties intended to provide energy are also available in the range, for example.


Barney's Farm offers the right variety for every taste and purpose. For a clear selection, the product range is divided into collections, which are grouped according to different characteristics.

Cali Weed Strains

The Cali Weed strain collection is based on cannabis genetics native to the West Coast of the USA. There, a number of exciting cannabis strains have been crossed over the last few years, resulting in unique traits. The exclusive Cali Weed Collection includes popular strains such as:

     • Glue Gelato Auto
     •Blue Sunset Sherbet
     • Gorilla Glue Auto
     • Gorilla Zkittlez's car
     • Pink Kush
     • Skywalker OG Auto
     • Lemon Tree
     • Watermelon Zkittlez car

Other spectacular OG Kush strains can also be found in the Cali Weed collection, making the hearts of growers beat faster.

High THC Strains

Strains with exceptionally high THC levels can also be found in the Barney's Farm product range. All of these strains reached amazing THC levels of over 20% in lab tests. Important: These products enable an extraordinarily intense and fascinating high feeling and are therefore not suitable for beginners.

High Yield Collection

The Barney's Farm High Yield Collection guarantees exceptionally high yields. Bursting with vigor and growth, these hybrid seeds provide consistent yields that are guaranteed to leave no grower in the world unhappy. The high-yield category includes, for example, the following varieties:

     • Pineapple Chunk
     • Cookies Kush
     • Tropicanna Banana
     • LSD
     • Ayahuasca Purple

Amsterdam Weed Strains

Barney's Farm Amsterdam Weed are classics that have a particularly hypnotic and fascinating effect on the human body. This group includes classic strains that are famous and appreciated all over the world and have an old-school style. The Dutch coffee shop varieties, for example, are particularly well-known among lovers:

     • Amnesia Haze Auto
     • G13 Hazes
     • Liberty Haze
     • Laughing Buddha

Cannabis Cup Winners

According to Barney's Farm, the elite of all cannabis seeds can be found in this category - so to speak, an exquisite, exclusive selection of award-winning strains that are among the best cannabis genetics in the world. The breeding of these strains has been perfected down to the smallest detail and stabilized over the years, so that the end results are impressive. Barney's Farm has won over 40 Cannabis Cup awards. The winning strains include:

     • Liberty Haze
     • Laughing Buddha
     • Pineapple Chunk
     • LSD

CBD rich Strains

Unlike THC-rich strains, CBD-rich strains are great for discovering the relaxing, anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis. Science is constantly generating new insights into the effects of CBD, which is used to make oils, creams, drops and other medicinal products. The CBD-rich strains from Barney's Farm have almost no psychoactive effect.
CBD-rich strains from Barney's Farm include:

     • CBD Blue Shark
     • CBD Critical Cure
     • Widow Remedy
     • CBD caramel

Chill Out Zone

With the varieties from the Chill Out Zone category, relaxation is inevitable. The strong varieties have a relaxing effect and provide relief in the stress of everyday life - perfect for a little break.
Relaxing cannabis strains include:

     • LSD
     • Pineapple Chunk
     • Ayahuasca Purple
     • Bad Azz Kush

Best Flavors and Aromas

In this category, Barney's Farm collects all the varieties that have particularly intense and special flavors and aromas. This selection is a gourmet's paradise and guaranteed to make your mouth water. Some of the best tasting strains from Barney's Farm include:

     • Orange Sherbert
     • Cookie Kush
     • Tangerine Dream
     • Pineapple Chunk

High Energy Collection

Looking for that extra boost of energy? Barney's Farm's High Energy collection includes strains that are amazingly electrifying and uplifting the mood in no time. Refreshing Energy boosters include:

     • Glookies
     • Biscotti mints
     • Laughing Buddha

It's the difference

Although Barney's Farm is particularly specialized in feminized seeds, the range also offers a wide range of regular and autoflowering seeds. What are the differences between these seeds?

Feminized Seeds

The name already says what feminized seeds are all about: female cannabis plants. Feminized seeds therefore only produce female plants, which have some Special characteristics:

     • Female cannabis plants form buds.
     • No space is wasted on plants that are later discarded.
     • There is no need to test whether the plant is male or female.
     • Growing feminized plants is much easier, making it suitable for beginners.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds can produce both male and female cannabis plants. Male plants do not produce buds, but they are necessary for breeding new cannabis strains, making them useful for experienced growers who like to experiment. In addition, the cultivation of regular seeds is very authentic, since the plants also occur in this form in the wild.

Autoflowering Seeds

Barney's Farm also offers some autoflowering strains. These are characterized by the fact that they are autoflowering and have a particularly short growth time of a few weeks. The advantages of autoflowering seeds are:

     • Fast and low-maintenance growth of cannabis plants
     • extreme time savings
     • Growth and flowering phase independent of lighting duration


Barney's Farm is still an active breeder, constantly looking for new exciting cannabis strains and testing new seeds from a variety of regions. For example, by collaborating with indigenous peoples around the world, new and exciting genetics can be developed and the entire cannabis sector can be advanced. The current focus on the west coast of the USA also shows the potential of regional crosses of different plants.


In addition to the famous Cannabis Cup, Barney's Farm also hosts other regular cannabis industry events. This includes, for example:

     • Cannafest Praque
     • Cultiva Vienna
     • WeedFest Warsaw
     • Indica Sativa Trade Bologna
     • Canapa In Mostra Napoli
     • Mary Jane Expo Berlin
     • North Grow Denmark
     • Spannabi's Barcelona
     • Canapa Mundi Rome
     • Berlin Cannabis Parade


As previously mentioned, Barney's Farm is one of the multi-award winning seed companies in the cannabis industry. The company received awards for over 40 of its strains at the famous Cannabis Cup:

     • Cookies Kush for best strain overall
     • Liberty Haze for best strain overall
     • Tangerine Dream for best variety overall
     • Acapulcu Gold for the best sativa
     • Pineapple Chunk for Best Indica
     • G13 Haze for the best strain

FAQ Section

Why doesn't Barneys Farm deliver to Germany?

Barney's Farm does not ship to countries where trading in hemp seeds is prohibited. Since there are still regulations in Germany that prohibit the purchase and trading of hemp seeds, Barney's Farm seeds can only be ordered in countries where it is legal to import hemp seeds. In Austria, for example, Barney's Farm cannabis seeds can be ordered quickly and conveniently through intermediaries such as Seeds66.

Is owning cannabis seeds legal in Germany?

no Germany is the only country in the EU where the trade and possession of germinable cannabis seeds is illegal.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Austria?

In Austria it is perfectly legal to buy and own cannabis seeds. Only when the flowers of the hemp plants are cultivated with the intention of producing addictive substances is this considered illegal.

Conclusion - A world-renowned manufacturer

Barneys Farm is a reputable company that has specialized in breeding high-quality cannabis seeds for many decades. The company is particularly well-known for the extensive selection of feminized strains, which offer the right seeds for every taste and purpose. Guaranteeing outstanding quality, high germination rates and stable yields, Barney's Farm has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and reliable cannabis breeders in the world.