Seeds66 offers all classic varieties...

Seeds66 offers all classic varieties and new exotic varieties from America. We use the best genetics from friendly breeders from Europe and overseas. We started with some of the most popular strains and are constantly expanding our range. As is known from our entire delivery program, there are feminized and autoflowering seeds of the best quality.

Our hemp seed is produced in California. Our local man is Harry Pale, an experienced American breeder. There he shares a large plot of land with some of his breeders friends and the newest and best systems for the production of hemp seeds.

We are often asked which of our varieties are the most profitable. Of course we like to answer that.

For the autoflowering varieties:

Critical Extreme autoflowering
Critical x AK59 autoflowering
Bubblegum autoflowering
Triple XL autoflowering
Magnum 357 autoflowering

For the feminized varieties:

Critical Extreme
Grandaddy Purple
Critical Kush
White Widow
Blue Dream

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