CBD Seeds

CBD seeds are particularly popular with people who appreciate the calming and relaxing effects of hemp or want to use it for medicinal purposes. Growing your own CBD plants provides a natural and sustainable source for your own CBD products and allows you to control the plants yourself from the start.

When buying CBD seeds, however, a few things should be considered: The selection of the varieties, the quality of the seeds and also the respective cultivation conditions are decisive criteria for buying the right CBD seeds. This article deals with the topic of CBD seeds and provides important information about buying and growing the plants.

What are CBD cannabis seeds?

The history of the hemp plant is impressive and goes back many thousands of years. More than 10,000 years ago, the plant was already cultivated in Asia as a useful and medicinal plant and used to cure malaria and rheumatism, among other things. Even today, CBD cannabis plants are becoming increasingly important again for therapeutic purposes and medical use.

Every hemp plant contains various chemical compounds known as cannabinoids . The best-known active ingredients in the hemp plant are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) , which occur in different concentrations depending on the variety.

While THC-rich plants have psychoactive effects and produce that popular high, CBD is known for its relaxing and calming properties. CBD-rich hemp plants are particularly interesting for medical purposes.

Due to its therapeutic and medical potential, CBD is already being used successfully in the treatment of the following diseases:

  •     anxiety disorders
  •     depressions
  •     sleep disorders
  •     loss of appetite
  •     multiple sclerosis
  •     rheumatism
  •     chronic inflammatory bowel disease
  •     migraine
  •     chronic pain
  •     Nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy

CBD seeds can be used to grow medicinal hemp high in CBD at home. Patients can get a special permit for cultivation, making it completely legal. Many of these CBD strains have now been genetically bred to have extremely low THC levels and therefore no psychotropic side effects.

The different types of cultivars

CBD cannabis seeds are available in both feminized, regular and autoflowering varieties , making them suitable for growers of all levels. However, the extensive selection of seeds, each with different ratios of THC and CBD, often makes it difficult to choose the right strain. In order to find the right cannabis seeds for your own needs, you should first find out about the different types of seeds.

  • Feminized Seeds: CBD seeds that have been genetically modified to have a high likelihood of producing female plants are referred to as feminized CBD seeds. The advantage lies in the large inflorescences that these plants form, guaranteeing a good yield.

  • Regular Seeds: Regular cannabis seeds are ideal, especially for growers who like to experiment with new strains. These seeds form female and male plants in about equal proportions and are therefore ideal for breeding purposes.

  • Autoflowering Seeds: Autoflowering seeds are mostly suitable for beginners, but also for growers of all levels due to the easy growing process. Because they flower regardless of the light cycle, getting a satisfying yield is relatively easy. In addition, the growth phase of autoflowering seeds is comparatively short. The small, compact plants are ideal for indoor growing, and will yield specially made, natural CBD buds in no time.

For each of these species, there are now a variety of different seeds with different THC and CBD levels on the market. Seeds with a balanced ratio of CBD and THC are also available, allowing for more subtle psychoactive effects to be experienced while still keeping your head clear.

You should pay attention to this before buying

Knowing about the different strains of cannabis makes it much easier to choose when buying a strain. But in order to find the ideal strain for home cultivation, other parameters such as location, climate and other growing conditions should also be considered. Only in this way can the specific requirements of each seed and the individual preferences of the grower be met.
Basically, CBD cannabis seeds have similar properties and needs as regular cannabis plants. The main difference is the increased CBD content of the flowers.

Indoors or outdoors?

Many cannabis strains, including CBD seeds, can be grown both outdoors and indoors. However, some strains are bred specifically for an environment and will thrive in that environment.

Sativa-dominant strains like to grow tall and are therefore better off outdoors. On the other hand, indica-dominant strains tend to remain bushy and compact, making them better suited to indoor spaces. Depending on the individual possibilities, the varieties can be selected in such a way that they ideally suit your own cultivation location and achieve the best possible yields in their optimal growth environment.

Photoperiod or autoflowering?

There are a number of photoperiod CBD strains on the market, as well as autoflowering seeds that flower regardless of the light cycle.

Photoperiod plants are stimulated to grow by the amount of light they receive. During the growth phase they need about 18 hours of sun or artificial light per day. In order to develop the flower, the light cycle is set to 12 light hours and 12 dark hours. This signal mimics natural autumn and gives the plants the signal to develop their bud sites.

Autoflowering strains grow based on their internal clock and are completely independent of light exposure. They tend to complete their life cycle much faster than photoperiod strains, making them suitable for those growers who want results fast. In contrast to photoperiod plants, the yields are therefore often somewhat lower.

The climate

Depending on whether you grow outdoors or indoors, the local climate also plays a decisive role in the choice of seeds. Autoflowering strains and indica-dominant cannabis plants have a shorter life cycle, making them suitable for growing in a cooler region where summer only lasts a few months. In more southern regions with a longer summer, sativa-dominant strains can also be grown - huge yields are not uncommon.

Some strains are specially bred to be resistant to pests and mold . If the growing area presents these dangers, choosing such a strain is recommended.

The heyday

When buying CBD cannabis seeds, you should always pay attention to the respective flowering time. Depending on individual preferences, strains with shorter flowering times can be chosen - these allow for the fastest possible grow. If the climate and the patience of the grower allow it, strains with longer flowering times can also be chosen.

The benefits of feminized seeds

When growing CBD hemp with the aim of harvesting and using the buds, the choice should always be feminized seeds . Whether autoflowering or photoperiod feminized seeds, these strains are guaranteed to grow into female plants that produce bud sites with cannabinoid-rich buds. But feminized plants bring even more benefits:

  •     Gender is no longer determined .
  •     The cultivation space is used sensibly and efficiently.
  •     The range of feminized seeds is at least as wide as that of regular seeds.
  •     CBD seeds are usually already feminized.
  •     Feminized plants grow very uniformly and stably.

Diverse application possibilities

The uses of CBD are huge. For example, CBD seeds are also used as a dietary supplement due to their many health-promoting ingredients . They not only contain valuable amino acids, but also many important vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

Just 300 grams of CBD seeds provide the entire daily protein requirement. They can also strengthen the cardiovascular system and also be helpful for nerve health. Some studies show that CBD should have a positive effect on epilepsy. In the case of chronic inflammation and joint problems such as arthritis or rheumatism, CBD seeds can also help to relieve pain.

The CBD seeds are said to have anti-inflammatory, calming, irritant and pain-relieving effects. However, the effect cannot be described as analgesic, but rather as a relaxing effect that makes it easier to bear the pain. CBD is also used by diabetics, as well as by addicts or mentally ill patients who suffer from schizophrenia or anxiety and panic attacks, for example.

CBD seeds can also be ground into flour or used in the form of oil , for example. This is not only used in the kitchen, but also in the cosmetics industry. CBD is also said to have a healing effect on neurodermatitis and other skin problems.

However, it turns out that not every patient has the same experience with CBD. Depending on the intensity of the disease and the proportion of active ingredients in the seeds, different effects can be achieved with the natural product. It is always recommended to start with a low dose and increase it over time. It is recommended to take CBD either by smoking the flowers, by taking CBD seeds or in the form of CBD drops, sprays or oil.


CBD seeds offer a wide range of uses. Not only are they extremely healthy for the human body, but you can also grow them yourself to provide high-yielding CBD buds whose relaxing effects can help with a range of ailments. Choosing the right strains is always important when growing your own CBD seeds. These should contain the desired CBD percentage and be adapted to the local growing conditions.