Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

Our category "Cannabis Seeds for Beginners" is intended for all those who have never swung the garden shovel.
It is clear that the best cannabis seeds should be for beginners necessarily feminized cannabis seeds. These plants are female 100% and therefore no male plants to be sorted out. For all newcomers especially all Skunk varieties shows suitable experience. They are stable, compact and resistant to mold and pests. Of course, there are also some other auto-flowering cannabis seeds have been found to be very suitable.

At simplest, of course, automatic seeds. Quick and easy, for beginners who have never to growen their own plants without any prior knowledge. They begin independently to bloom and are usually after 8 - 10 weeks completed. Beginners should choose varieties with a short flowering period. A long flowering period in turn increases the risk of mold and bud rot. We have collected the best cannabis seeds for beginners in this category. Why complicate things when it could be easy ..