Nirvana Seeds

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Nirvana Seeds is a seed bank that was founded in 1995 in Amsterdam and specializes in breeding and developing high-quality cannabis seeds. Nirvana Seeds has made a name for themselves in the cannabis community by offering some of the best and most versatile strains on the market.

Nirvana Seeds has a wide range of feminized, autoflowering and regular strains that are suitable for different needs. The seed bank uses a combination of traditional and modern breeding techniques to develop varieties that are not only strong, but also easy to grow.

Some of the most famous strains from Nirvana Seeds are AK-48, Northern Lights and Papaya. These strains are known for their potency, aroma and taste and are very popular among many growers and enthusiasts. Nirvana Seeds also offers strains specifically developed for medicinal purposes.

Nirvana Seeds is also known for their extensive selection of seed mixes that contain a combination of different strains. These mixes are ideal for growers who can't decide which strain to grow or for those who like to try out new strains.

Another plus point of Nirvana Seeds is their excellent customer support. They offer a 100% germination guarantee and fast and discreet delivery. They also have an excellent reputation in the cannabis community and are known for their transparency and commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Overall, Nirvana Seeds is an excellent choice for growers and enthusiasts looking for high-quality seeds. With their wide range of strains and seed blends, innovative breeding methods, and excellent customer service, Nirvana Seeds has established themselves as one of the leading cannabis seed suppliers.

We have nearly 40 different Nirvana Seeds strains in stock, and Nirvana Seeds always stocks us with only the freshest and most select cannabis seeds from their program. If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam in the near future, you should definitely pay Nirvana Seeds a visit.