Diesel Strains

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Seeds66 is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive range of cannabis seeds on the market, catering to the personal tastes and preferences of breeders at all levels. Our collection includes a variety of legendary diesel varieties selected by our own team of experts from the world's most renowned seed banks. If you want to grow cannabis, where the cultivation is legalized, we have the seed you need to get the best results every time!

Origins of diesel cannabis strains

In recent years, diesel varieties around the world have become extremely popular - both in cannabis use and in these completely new hybrid strains. Diesel is known for delivering not only an incredibly powerful hit, but also for its uniquely intense and distinctive fragrance / flavor. Diesel cannabis strains have earned their name through the unmistakable, brisk smell that connoisseurs recognize from a kilometer away. With THC concentrations well in excess of 20%, diesel is also known for its superior strength and effectiveness. Diesel has paved the way for the creation of some of the most extraordinary varieties ever to hit the market, and has become equally popular among recreational and medical cannabis communities.

As with many popular cannabis strains, the origin of diesel is still a mystery. There are countless theories that range from accidental pollination to secret experiments. All theories with many convincing arguments, but no conclusive evidence of where Diesel originally came from or how it originated. However, some still claim that Sour Diesel is merely a phenotype of Chemdawg, while others believe that it comes from a combination of Chemdawg, Super Skunk and Northern Lights with an additional unknown Skunk phenotype. The results were and still are impressive, to say the least.

If you are looking for the most outstanding diesel cannabis seeds on the market, you will find everything you need here at Seeds66!

Diesel cannabis effects

Although the expected exact effects differ significantly from one type of diesel to another, there are some key aspects of "highs" that remain relatively constant across the board. Here at Seeds66, we have a collection of nearly 20 unbelievable diesel varieties to choose from - each with its unique characteristics and attractions. Nevertheless, Diesel is a stand-alone strain known for delivering a high that makes you feel alert, energetic and comfortably paralyzed, to say the least.

The "high" that accompanies most diesel varieties is almost exclusively cerebral - absolutely no heavy body feeling to worry about and pretty much no chance for a couchlock. Some have compared the effects of diesel to a dog's reaction when he sees them taking the leash out of the closet before going for a walk. Everything that has held you back suddenly becomes irrelevant, and you only care about using your energy and enthusiasm wisely. Creativity and motivation are obvious, although it is also correct to say that a heavy diesel hit can make it difficult to focus on a task.

Perfect for a morning pick-up service, not to mention a great way to get any social event going.

The characteristics of diesel strains

When you encounter a high-quality type of diesel, it's hard to believe it's anything else. The aroma should be overwhelming at the limit and be immediately intoxicating, with the strong taste of moist fuel and often an undertone of spicy citrus fruits.

As mentioned earlier, THC levels vary from about 15% to 25% or more, depending on the specific variety you choose. A pull of a stronger strain is usually enough to make you feel like you've been bullied in the brain with a taser - albeit a positive one! Diesel is not a slow-moving strain, but a strain of cannabis that immediately passes the gas pedal.

On the medical side, diesel strains have gained tremendous popularity worldwide in the treatment of anxiety and depression. If you are looking for something to instantly relax your mind and reduce the feeling of sadness, Diesel will tick all the right boxes - without the typical feelings of sluggishness and lethargy that usually accompany these types of ailments. Diesel is not just about alleviating symptoms, but also about feeling great at the same time.

Cultivation of diesel cannabis strains

Who wants to grow diesel cannabis, in which the cultivation is legalized, requires at least a certain amount of experience to be successful. It does not forgive many mistakes in general problems and requires controlled indoor growth conditions. Flowering times between 10 and 12 weeks are to be expected as standard, while yields for indoor growers are comparatively low compared to those that can be achieved outdoors.

If you plan to grow diesel cannabis, it is important to know that even during flowering, the plants give off the most spectacular and far-reaching fragrance. That is, if you have to lock up a project for some reason, you need to invest a lot in the odor removal hardware.

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