Diesel Strains

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The strain name Diesel is a familiar term to most cannabis smokers. Diesel cannabis convinces with an intense high, tropical aromas as well as other characteristics that are beneficial for growers and cannabis lovers.

What are the characteristics of Diesel cannabis and what to look for when growing it? Answers to these questions are provided in this article.

Tropical aromas and intense effect

Diesel convinces with unique aromas and a gentle but intense effect. The THC content of about 16% to 20% is neither too overwhelming nor too weak - making the strain perfect for beginners and professionals. The invigorating effect is particularly balanced and ideally suited for everyday use. Whether shared with friends or enjoyed alone, Diesel offers a smoking experience with a compelling effect that few other varieties can match.

The aroma profile of Diesel is unique: in addition to citrus notes, it also features the sweet taste of tropical fruits as well as tangerines. In addition, the plant has a special flavor reminiscent of gasoline.

The Diesel variety is also quite uncomplicated to grow. The sativa-dominant strain can thrive both indoors and outdoors and scores with a flowering time of up to 70 days. The plants reach a medium size and have strong buds that are full of sticky trichomes. Indoors, the plants produce yields of up to 475 grams per square meter, while outdoors, the plants grow as tall as 3 meters and can produce yields of up to 950 grams per plant.

Diesel varieties are hardy and fairly straightforward to care for, which is why they can be grown by beginners and professional growers alike and are universally popular. Diesel seeds are available for purchase in feminized, regular and autoflowering forms, so there is something for every type of grower.

The origin of the strain

With many cannabis strains, the exact origin is not entirely clear. Even with the history of Diesel, there are various theories as to how the strain came to be. The origin story, which is still considered the most generally valid, is about a chance meeting between cannabis growers Chemdog and Joe Brand at a concert in Indiana, USA. Joe Brand is said to have sold Chemdog a bag of high-grade cannabis in the process - and for about $500. This strain was called Dog Bug, because it was so strong that it could make you roll on the floor like a dog after just a few puffs when smoked.
The grower Chemdog took a liking to this strain and asked Brand to send him some seeds to grow. He wanted to use these to breed new genetics from the seeds on the East Coast, which are now known as the Diesel varieties. In 1993, he completed the breeding trials with Dog Bud and eventually named his strain "Diesel" as it was an affectionate term for good cannabis. So the meeting of the two cannabis breeders Chemdog and Brand is said to be the origin of this genetic family, which are still known and famous all over the world.

As the spread of Diesel cannabis increased, so did the genetic variations of the Diesel family. For instance, according to legend, an accidental cross-pollination of the Diesel strain with a Super Skunk strain led to the world-famous Sour Diesel strain, which is considered one of the most popular variants of Diesel genetics.

Advantages of the variety

Diesel strains are a staple in most coffee shops and cannabis specialty stores for a reason. To last in the oversaturated market of strains, a strain has to really impress - and Diesel manages to do that. The unique genetic variations, powerful aromas, and invigorating effects create a flavorful masterpiece. Diesel's taste, which is considered legendary, comes across as unusually natural and pleasant. With citrusy, fruity notes, a unique flavor profile develops that is appreciated by enthusiasts around the world.

From seed to harvest, Diesel offers an exceptional and well-rounded experience. Besides the easy cultivation, short flowering time and high-yielding buds, the solid THC content of 20% allows for an outstanding high feeling, delivering a strong boost of concentration and energy due to the earthy, hearty active ingredients. However, the calming and relaxing effects are also not neglected when smoking Diesel strains. This special balance and equilibrium makes the Diesel family really famous.

By the way, Diesel is a hardy plant that can survive interventions of all kinds well. Due to its uncomplicated nature, the plant is also perfect for trying out other experiments with it, such as LST and other training Methods.

Particularly popular species

There are now a wide variety of Diesel cannabis strains on the market, created through various breeding experiments and reinterpretations of the original Diesel genetics. So when it comes to buying Diesel strains, it's not so easy to find the one that most closely matches your own tastes and individual needs.

To make the decision a little easier, we present the most popular diesel varieties below.

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is a cross of Mexican Sativa and Afghan genetics. It is considered one of the most outstanding strains ever and has won several awards, including the Cannabis Cup. The NYC variety of the Diesel family scores with tangy grapefruit aromas, making it unique in its flavor profile. The strain has a flowering time of about 12 weeks and has a potent THC content of about 16%.

Seeds66 also offers the legendary NYC Diesel as an automatic plant. This autoflower is also suitable for medicinal purposes due to its high CBD content and offers a very calming, pleasant effect that can be optimally used to relax after a long day.

The indica-dominant plant can reach a respectable height of up to 90 centimeters indoors, while growing very dense and compact. When grown outdoors, the plant unfolds even more in height, often reaching more than 1.8 meters. NYC Diesel produces large amounts of dense, resinous flowers that smell unmistakably of gasoline. It throws yields of up to 600 grams per square meter.

By the way, NYC Diesel is not only ideal for smoking or vaporizing. The strain is also a suitable choice for the production of edible cannabis products due to its outstanding flavor profile.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is considered the most famous Diesel descendant. The genetic variation was discovered in the early 1990s and has been popular ever since. Sour Diesel convinces first and foremost with a fast-onset cerebral high, which makes the strain ideal for daily adventures. Gradually, when enjoyed, the special relaxing, calming effect sets in as well, which rounds off the enjoyment experience perfectly.

Sour Diesel is the perfect combination of gasoline flavors and a fresh herbal and citrus taste. This unique flavor profile is well-known among aficionados and gourmets alike.

Sour Diesel also scores with a relatively short flowering time of about 8 to 9 weeks, making it suitable for impatient growers. In addition, it has a comparatively high THC content of about 20 to 25% for the Diesel family.

Seeds66 offers with Sour Diesel Auto an autoflowering strain, which is ideal for all growers who appreciate Sour Diesel and now want to grow the strain in even less time. Sour Diesel Auto is also known for its excellent aroma and strong effect, guaranteed to convince all cannabis lovers.

Grow the seeds yourself

  • Diesel cannabis strains are not only true legends, but also amazingly uncomplicated to grow. This makes the strains suitable even for beginners. In order for the plant to thrive and deliver the best possible yield, you should acquire a basic knowledge of the properties of Diesel. We have prepared a small overview with all the important facts about diesel:

  • Morphology: diesel seeds form medium to large plants that stand out with an open, branched structure. A culture of Diesel plants usually grows homogeneously, which makes growing very easy.

  • Yield: Diesel strains are productive cannabis plants. When grown indoors they yield up to 475 grams per square meter, outdoors up to 950 grams per plant.

  • Aroma and flavor: Diesel offers a whole cocktail of flavors. From the sweet, intense scent of diesel to the scent of lemon and tangerine to exotic fruity notes and lime, Diesel creates an extraordinary olfactory and taste experience.

  • Effect: Diesel provides a particularly balanced, well-tolerated high that is not too overpowering - yet intense. The sativa effect is more cerebral than physical and lasts for quite a while. After the euphoric, clear effect, Diesel's effect transitions into a relaxing, blissful feeling that spreads throughout the body.

  • Cultivation: Diesel grows robust and vigorous and is very resistant to humidity and diseases. The short flowering phase also facilitates cultivation and ensures that good yields can be harvested quickly - indoors after about 60 to 70 days, outdoors in mid-October. The Diesel line develops its full potential in warm and dry areas, but in principle it can adapt to almost any Climate.

Suitable for recreational and medicinal use

The predominant sativa content in the genetics, mixed with a slight indica input makes Diesel Line popular for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Depending on the THC and CBD content of the particular Diesel strain, it can provide a cerebral, uplifting high and a balanced, relaxing effect.

The mood-boosting effect, in particular, is what makes the plant so popular for both therapeutic and personal use. Smoking diesel stimulates synaptic activity in the brain, making the person more talkative, open and relaxed. Coupled with the euphoria the strain induces, Diesel can be ideal for mild stress, depression, or anxiety. Some Diesel aficionados also describe an analgesic effect when smoking the strain.


Diesel cannabis is one of the most unusual and popular strains around. Its uncomplicated nature in cultivation and its outstanding, intense taste of Diesel and citrus fruits makes the strain a must-try for every cannabis Lover.