Autoflowering outdoor

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a popular choice for outdoor growers, as they are uncomplicated to grow, have a short flowering time and start flowering regardless of the incidence of light. The accompanying flexibility in terms of time and convenient, easy cultivation are key advantages of Autoflowers over conventional cannabis seeds.
Seeds66 offers a wide selection of the best outdoor seeds with autoflowering genetics, which convince with first-class yields with convincing effects and delicious taste.

Autoflowering seeds - easy and fast harvesting

As soon as spring starts, many outdoor growers ask themselves the same question: which strains to grow this year? Often the choice falls on a popular photoperiod feminized cannabis strain, but there are definitely alternatives on the market that bring many advantages, namely autoflowering varieties. These autoflowering cannabis plants are becoming more and more popular due to their simplicity and fast growing - and especially for outdoor cannabis cultivation.

What does autoflowering mean?

Autoflowering means "self-blooming" and refers to the process by which the cannabis plant enters the flowering phase completely independent of the external light cycle. This independence of plant growth from the incidence of light is made possible by the special Ruderalis genetics with which the Autoflowers are bred.

An autoflowering cannabis plant - unlike conventional photoperiod plants - follows its own internal clock. This not only leads to automatic flower formation, but also to a significantly shortened growth cycle of only a few weeks. This allows growers to plant and harvest autoflowering seeds even several times per season.

Autoflowering outdoor varieties

One of the positive features of autoflower genetics is the plants' robustness and resilience. This helps them to be able to adapt to a wide range of climates and yield a bountiful harvest anywhere in the world. It also allows outdoor growers to harvest top-notch buds almost year-round, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Autoflowering cannabis takes only about 10 to 12 weeks from germination to harvest outdoors, in exceptional cases a little shorter or longer. At the same time, the plants have a small, compact and bushy size, which makes them ideal for growing in any location.

High quality autoflowering genetics

For resilience and to make growing Autoflowers truly successful in all conditions, it is important to rely on high-quality and premium autoflowering cannabis seeds.

High quality autoflowering strains from the world's best cannabis breeders have earned their reputation as the easiest and fastest way to grow cannabis for a reason. The seeds are ideal for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growing.

In doing so, the autoflower plants produce buds at the same level of taste and quality as the best photoperiod seeds do. High quality autoflowering cannabis can reach THC levels of over 20% if growing conditions allow.

The good thing is that even with autoflowering genetics, you don't have to give up your favorite strains. By now, almost every popular feminized photoperiod cannabis strain is also available as an autoflowering variant. This is made possible by crossing conventional photoperiod genetics with cannabis ruderalis, which originates from Siberia and has the special autoflowering properties.

Good reasons to choose autoflowering seeds

Growing autoflowering seeds comes with so many advantages. The seeds look exactly like regular photoperiod seeds and produce cannabis flowers of the same high quality. The biggest difference is in the life cycle of autoflowering plants: Growers can grow autoflowering cannabis without paying attention to the light cycle.
So, unlike photoperiod plants, there is no need to reduce the daily light incidence to 12 hours so that flowering is formed. Instead, flowering is completely automatic and growers can grow the plants with a normal daylight rhythm.

The speed of Autoflowers' growth allows outdoor growers to have a satisfying harvest as early as the summer months. In warm climates, this short flowering phase means that growing several successive Autoflower crops is possible, allowing for multiple harvests per year.


The flexibility of autoflower seeds is one of the main reasons why they are so popular with outdoor growers. Autoflowering cannabis can be grown in a wide variety of growing conditions and light cycles. Even though Autoflowers thrive best with 20 hours of light per day, they can also grow in significantly less or more hours of light and will successfully form their flower even then.

This insensitivity to light offers the advantage that the plants can be grown at any stage of growth - whether seedling or already in the harvesting stage - in the same location and at the same time. This is relevant for indoor cultivation as well as for outdoor cultivation, as Autoflowers are flexible and adaptable to the respective season and location.

The rule is: between February and September, autoflowering seeds can be sown at any time, as long as they are not exposed to too much frost.


Autoflowering seeds are the easiest of all cannabis seeds to grow. Even many novice growers report getting top-notch results on their first try with autoflowering seeds. The seeds can be placed directly into the growing container or garden soil when sown and remain there throughout the entire growing cycle. This does not harm the autoflowers, but quite the opposite: repotting only stresses the small root system unnecessarily and is therefore better avoided.

In addition, autoflowering plants require significantly less nutrients and water than conventional photoperiod plants. As a rule, a high-quality plant soil is already sufficient to cover the nutrient requirements.


The fast growth of autoflowering cannabis is another aspect that growers love. Some strains even take less than 10 weeks to harvest - usually, the growth period is 10 to 12 weeks, as mentioned earlier. But even though the growing phase can sometimes take a few weeks longer when grown outdoors, even flowering plants are much faster than conventional seeds here as well. Instead of harvesting in the fall months, the first batch can be harvested in the early summer months so that seeds can be sown again afterwards.

Autoflowering seeds - cultivation

It's clear: autoflowering seeds are the easiest and most convenient way to grow cannabis. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the yield - quite the opposite. Autoflowering cannabis delivers high-quality yields with high THC levels.

Only the amount of yield is usually somewhat lower with autoflowering plants, as the plants grow smaller and more compact and the time to harvest is shorter. In order to still achieve the highest possible yield in top quality, growers should follow a few tips.

Legal regulations when growing outdoor autoflowers.

Regardless of whether cannabis cultivation takes place indoors or outdoors, the following regulations apply in Austria: The cultivation of hemp is legal as long as it is not done for the "purpose of narcotic drug production" (Narcotic Drugs Act § 27).

This means that both the seeds and the cannabis plant themselves are not illegal and may also be grown in the garden. It is only when the plants form their THC-rich flowers that the prohibition begins to take effect - from here on, cultivation is considered illegal.

The laws regarding hemp cultivation are different in every country. Therefore, one should always inform oneself about current local regulations before cultivation.

Choosing the right soil type

Autoflowering seeds are not particularly demanding in terms of soil. To germinate them, they can be planted directly into the soil. The soil should ideally consist of an airy, light substrate that does not contain too many nutrients. The following composition is optimal:

  • 3 parts compost
  • 3 parts peat moss
  • 2 parts perlite
  • 1 part vermiculite

How big the grow pot is doesn't matter much for autoflowering cannabis - it thrives in small grow pots. For example, an 11-liter fabric pot is ideal. However, the rule is: the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant. If the cannabis seeds are planted directly into the garden soil, it is recommended to try different locations and compare in which place the seeds achieve their best growth performance.

Can be grown at almost any time of the year

Autoflowering seeds can in principle be sown almost all year round and still produce satisfactory yields. Basically, from March to September, the seeds usually thrive well as long as there is no danger of frost.

Since the plants can be harvested early in the summer if sown in early spring, several growing cycles per year are possible. The changing light incidence of the seasons is not relevant for the Autoflowers, as they form their flowers independently of this.

The choice of location

Autoflowering plants are robust and resistant to unsteady environmental conditions, but for maximum yields it is imperative that the plant is placed in the sun all day long. Shady places should be avoided at all costs. If this is not possible, then plant the seedlings in large pots so that you can change the location of the plant. This will optimize the yield to the maximum.

Adequate nutrients

Autoflowers require significantly less nutrients than traditional photoperiod plants. This is not only because of their smaller size, but also because of their shortened growing season. Therefore, if special fertilizer is used, it is advisable to use half the regular dose.

Caution: an oversaturation of minerals and nutrients can actually harm the plant and stunt its growth. Therefore, with autoflowering seeds, less is often more.

The type of water

Basically, autoflowers also require less water than photoperiod cannabis plants. This is because they have a smaller root system. So the plants should only be watered when the soil is completely dry - otherwise there is a risk of root rot.

The watering water of autoflowering cannabis should ideally have a pH between 6.5 or 7. Also, if the plants are not sensitive to changes, the highest and qualitatively strongest yield can be achieved in this way. Rainwater automatically always has the right PH level.

Top 5 Outdoor Autoflowering Seeds

Sativa- or Indica-dominant, THC-rich or CBD-rich, the possibilities and varieties of autoflowering strains are now numerous. There is no need to compromise on taste, effect or quality of the cannabis.

Seeds66 offers a first-class assortment of high-quality outdoor autoflowering seeds that are guaranteed to make every cannabis lover's heart beat faster. Depending on the intended use and individual preferences, different varieties are suitable for growing cannabis, which is why we present five of the most popular varieties in more detail below.

However, all of our autoflowering seeds have a few things in common: they produce strong buds, are resistant to mold and diseases and deliver excellent harvests several times a year.

  • Bubba Kush Auto: The Indica-dominant variety convinces with an extremely easy cultivation and its diverse application possibilities, so also in the medical field. Its aroma and taste are characterized by the characteristic lemon, mixed with a hint of kerosene and sweetish notes.Outdoors, the variety reaches a yield of up to 220 grams per plant and grows up to 160 centimeters tall. THC levels range from 16% to 21%, providing a relaxed, physical high.

  • Blue Cheese Auto: Ideal for beginners, this strain stands out for its delicious sweet taste with a mix of berry and cheese. Its extremely short flowering time of 8 weeks and manageable size of 100 to 160 centimeters make it a popular strain for outdoor growing, producing yields of up to 150 grams per plant. THC levels range from 16% to 21%, providing a relaxing, physical high.

  • Afghan Auto: This indica-dominant strain has a sweet, citrusy taste with earthy notes and can produce a deep, body high. Outdoors, the strain reaches yields of up to 120 grams per plant, with a flowering time of about 70 to 80 days. In addition, a height of up to 2 meters and a THC content of 15% to 17% are typical of Afghan Auto.

  • Amnesia Auto: This strain is considered an absolute favorite among cannabis fans. It is very robust and unproblematic to grow. The taste of its flowers can be described as slightly lemony, mixed with sandalwood and diesel, with yields of up to 150 grams per plant when grown outdoors. The effect is very intense, with a THC content of up to 22%, and can induce euphoria and even feelings of happiness.

  • Big Blue Devil Auto: This strain is considered a perfect all-rounder in terms of taste, effect and yield. It can provide a balanced, relaxing effect and tastes deliciously of fruits and berries. The yield of up to 100 grams per plant and the THC content of up to 21% are other characteristics that make Big Blue Devil Auto popular.

FAQ: Autoflowering Seeds Outdoor

Which autoflowering variety outdoor?

Basically, most autoflowering seeds can be grown outdoors due to their resistance to external influences and temperature fluctuations. Mold, diseases, pests and even cold spells can do little to the cannabis plants.

How long do Automatic plants need outdoors?

The average flowering time of Autoflowers is around 8 to 11 weeks, although this duration can vary depending on the variety and growing conditions. Compared to the flowering time of conventional photoperiod varieties, autoflowering plants form their flowers much faster.

Which seeds for outdoor?

Autoflowering seeds are ideal for outdoor growing because they are robust to temperature fluctuations and other external influences. The short flowering time allows for sowing in the months of February to September, so multiple harvests per year are also possible.

Conclusion - Buy autoflowering seeds for outdoor growing at Seeds66

The benefits of autoflowering seeds show why the plants are popular with growers of all levels and all over the world. Autoflowers have changed the cannabis market a lot in recent years: Nowadays, the combination of delicious flavors, good yields and fast growth is no longer a mere thought experiment, but has become a reality.

Whether you are looking for THC-rich or CBD-rich strains, at Seeds66 everyone will find suitable autoflowering seeds. Thanks to their high quality, the seeds can be grown conveniently and quickly both indoors and outdoors.