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 Cheese is one of the most famous and...

Cheese is one of the most famous and infamous cannabis strains that has ever hit the cannabis scene like a bomb. Today, a world without the cheesefamily is almost unimaginable. Originally developed in the UK, this Indica-dominant hybrid stands out for its unique aroma and unique taste. Above all, it is Cheese's consistent power and reliability that has made him a strong player on the world stage.

At the moment, a huge amount of cheesy types are bred and enjoyed worldwide - which made the variety a hit in the first place. Here at Seeds66, we're always on the lookout for the latest and greatest additions to the cheesefamily to welcome everyone who fits in with our own collection of handpicked classics.

A unique experience

Cheese first appeared on the market in the late 1980s and is said to have originated from Skunk # 1. A strain already known for its heavy aroma has been boosted by breeders who started introducing Afghani Indica genetics. The result was a brand new hybrid that immediately became famous for delivering a wonderfully blissful and relaxing high that was both gentle and convincing.

Superficially, Cheese sounds unappealing. In addition to an incredibly characteristic, slightly acidic cheese flavor, the quality cheese tends to leave a long aftertaste that is not unlike a strong cheddar. But on the one hand, though it sounds a bit unusual, Cheese is actually a very delicious and unique experience. As a taste in the mouth no unwanted cheese flavors remain, but rather a persistent, fruity and powerful undertone that you expect from a good cheddar piece.

And if it has been well fermented and professionally fermented, the taste experience you can expect from Cheese is really nothing you've ever tried!

Cheese the all-rounder

The best thing about the Cheese family is that it is so diverse in terms of both impact and benefit. Cheese strains, known worldwide for their remarkable medicinal benefits, are often used to relieve insomnia, arthritis, inflammation and nausea. There really is no better way to enjoy a uplifting, gentle intoxication that is comprehensively controllable.

Here at Seed66 we want to cover every taste and every need. That's why we stock more than 40 different Cheese varieties and sub-varieties - perfect for beginners and professionals. You can find all the details of each variety by clicking on the image, or you can always contact the Seed66 team if you have questions about any of our varieties.

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