Loud Seeds

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Loud Seeds is an American seed bank founded by the well-known breeder James Loud. James Loud has over 20 years of experience in breeding cannabis and is known for his award-winning strains and groundbreaking work in cannabis breeding.

Loud Seeds' goals are to develop unique, high-quality cannabis strains and to constantly improve the breeding process. The seed bank relies on a strict selection method to ensure that only the best genetics are used for their crosses.

Loud Seeds specializes in developing hybrids that are suitable for both medicinal and recreational use. Some of the most famous strains from Loud Seeds include the Original Loud, Headband 707, Lemon Diesel and Blue Dream.

The seed bank is also known for its work with landraces. Landraces are wild plants that grow in specific regions of the world and have unique genetics. Loud Seeds aims to use these unique genetics and cross with them to develop even better and more unique strains.

Loud Seeds is committed to an environmentally friendly approach to growing cannabis and uses only natural cultivation methods. The seed bank does not use pesticides or other harmful chemicals and strives to minimize its impact on the environment.

Another strength of Loud Seeds is their collaboration with other growers and seed banks. The seed bank works with some of the best breeders and seed banks in the world to perfect their crosses and develop even better strains.

Overall, Loud Seeds is an excellent choice for anyone looking for unique, high-quality cannabis strains. With their experience and expertise in cannabis breeding, their eco-friendly approach, and their collaboration with other breeders and seed banks, Loud Seeds has established themselves as one of the leading seed banks in the industry.

Their most famous strains are Headband and Loud Dreams. With us you can order cannabis seeds from Loud Seeds discreetly.