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Cannabis seed banks that have original genetic seeds are not easy to find these days. Bomb Seeds are known to be the only cannabis breeders in the industry that specialize in producing high potency strains that are very productive. What makes this company stand out? They breed seeds with the best cannabis genetics, superior quality, maximum yield and very high potency. These strains are all explosive breeds and that is why the company has the name "Bomb Seeds".

Bomb Seeds has developed a new and unique range of cannabis seeds by carefully selecting and improving classic strains and crossing them with their powerful Bomb genetics to maximize the most desirable traits - quality, quantity, strength, speed and power.

The result is a high-quality collection of some of the most powerful genetics available for each strain, optimized for high yields, high THC levels, fast finishing and fantastic growth potential. The Bomb Seeds range aims to offer something for everyone, from indicas to sativas to autoflowering & medicinal strains as well as something for the connoisseur.

Bomb Seeds put a lot of work into their crosses. All their strains grow fast, with lots of THC and give great yields. They made the breakthrough with Big Bomb and their Auto Bomb. With us you can buy cannabis seeds from Bomb Seeds discreetly.

In 2007, Bomb Seeds managed to enter the cannabis industry. However, the company prepared years ago. For example, in the mid-1990s, Bomb Seeds growers traveled around Southeast Asia to see what was available there. They went on the hunt for good cannabis strains. They came across amazing and exceptional strains.

Ten years later, the breeders decided to settle in the Netherlands and started the "Manhattan Project". They started experimenting with cannabis genetics that came from Southeast Asia and that they had collected. The two cannabis strains first bred were "Buzz Bomb" and "THC Bomb." Later, the experts adopted an advanced breeding method using a popular landrace Afghani strain with the South East Asia variety to produce Bomb #1 and Bomb #.

The THC Bomb

THC Bomb was the original variety. Its primary cola seemed to look like a cruise missile while the nugs looked like hand grenades. Its potency is highly explosive and yielded a huge harvest. Bomb Seeds discovered the THC bomb while traveling to Southeast Asia. Later, the seeds were refined when the group settled in the Netherlands.

Cannabis growers are still amazed at how quickly this seed is harvested. It takes eight weeks to produce the dense buds. THC Bomb can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it is best grown indoors as the conditions are more controlled. Moreover, it is very easy to grow, whether you are a veteran or a beginner. You can combine two growing methods to get a good harvest. the ScrOG and SOG methods. Now let's look at some of the other strains you can buy at Seeds66. These all have great cannabis genetics.

The Cherry Bomb

If you are thinking about the Cherry Bomb strain, you can expect high yields and a strong effect. Its taste is explosive and fruity which also gave it the name. The experts combined one of the most aromatic hybrid varieties with the "Big Bomb" variety to create the Cherry Bomb strain. The seed is very easy to grow and can be planted indoors or outdoors even at low temperature. Flowering lasts up to ten weeks.

The Gorilla Bomb

If you've heard of the Gorilla Glue strains that contain 25% THC potency, you'll understand why breeders went out of their way to combine Gorilla Glue #4 with the THC Bomb to create the "Gorilla Bomb". Grow the seeds outdoors or indoors, you will be impressed. You can use both the ScrOG and LST methods to grow.