Autoflowering indoor

Autoflowering seeds are a popular alternative to photoperiod seeds - both for outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. Not only do they allow for quick and uncomplicated harvests, but they also flower independently of the light cycle, requiring less maintenance and energy costs.

Seeds66 offers a top selection of high-quality autoflowering seeds for indoor cultivation in the best quality, with which first-class yields can be achieved within the shortest time.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also called "autoflowerers", "automatic seeds" or "autofem", because they change into the flowering phase by themselves after a genetically determined time - independent of the light cycle. This characteristic is in stark contrast to traditional photoperiod plants, which require a set number of light and dark hours per day to form flowering.

Autoflowering cannabis has a significantly shortened flowering time and often produces high-yielding, strong buds after just a few weeks. The plants have a small, compact size and are particularly resistant to external influences. Due to their characteristics, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis - even beginners manage to achieve satisfactory results with Autoflowers on their first grow attempt.

The secret of Autoflowers lies in the special Ruderalis genetics. This comes from Siberia and the surrounding regions, where summers are very short and low temperatures prevail most of the year. Ruderalis cannabis is ideally adapted to these conditions, in that the plants not only grow particularly quickly, but also begin to flower regardless of the incidence of light of the seasons.

The autoflowering varieties are a relatively new development on the market and are already delighting numerous cannabis fans worldwide. Even though autoflowering plants do not produce the same massive yields as photoperiod cannabis plants that thrive in the sun for many months, autoflowers still impress with their high resilience, fast growth and easy cultivation.

Buy Autoflowering seeds for indoor growing - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Seeds66 offers a premium selection of feminized autoflowering seeds for indoor growing. Most growers want only feminized plants that produce big, strong buds with a top-notch effect. That's why autoflowering seeds are usually feminized, as this allows them to produce the best and highest yielding results when grown.

However, regular autoflowering seeds are also available in principle. These are especially interesting for experimental growers who want to create new cannabis strains and experiment with different genetics.

Advantages of autoflowering seeds

An autoflowering plant has several advantages in cultivation. Especially for beginners and occasional growers, autoflowering seeds are recommended because they are much easier and faster to grow.

Below we list all the advantages of autoflowering seeds once again:

  • Resistance: Autoflowering cannabis is particularly robust against external influences such as temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. But the strains are also resistant to pests, mold and diseases.

  • Easy to grow: Autoflowering plants are not dependent on a certain number of hours of sunlight and can therefore be grown indoors and outdoors almost all year round without much effort.

  • Compact: Autoflowering plants usually remain small, compact and bushy. This makes them suitable for growing in small spaces.

  • Fast cultivation: The short growth phase of the plants makes it possible to harvest yields after only a few weeks.

  • Good yields: Due to their short flowering period, multiple harvests can be achieved per year, making the strains especially popular with impatient growers.

  • High quality: In terms of effect as well as taste and aroma, autoflowering strains are in no way inferior to their photoperiod Counterparts.

The darlings of growers

Fast, easy, and robust, autoflower seeds are the favorites of growers of all experience levels for a reason. Especially for beginners and growers who don't want to invest too much time and energy, autoflowers are ideal. The plants are not picky about location, nor do they require a special light cycle or have high demands in terms of the rest of the growing conditions.

Autoflowering seeds are so forgiving of some growing mistakes and still offer high-quality, THC-rich yields that meet the requirements of all growers.

Autoflowering seeds - indoor cultivation

Growing autoflower seeds indoors doesn't require a lot of experience, energy or effort. On the contrary, growing autoflowering seeds indoors is considered the easiest and fastest way to grow cannabis.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to deal with the ideal growing conditions of autoflowering plants before starting to grow cannabis, so that the best possible yields can be achieved. Below, we have summarized the most important tips for cultivating autoflowers so that the cultivation is successful.

Growing autoflowering cannabis - legal regulations

Basically, in Austria, the cultivation of cannabis seeds is legal as long as it does not serve the "purpose of narcotic drug production" (Narcotic Drugs Act § 27). This means: Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be purchased and grown completely legally, but the plants are not allowed to produce flowers.

Exceptions exist for persons with medically-indexed special permits as well as for manufacturers of medical cannabis products.

Choosing the right soil type

Autoflowering cannabis is not particularly picky when it comes to choosing a substrate, nor does it require much space to grow. At best, choose a light, airy substrate that doesn't contain too many nutrients - otherwise there's a risk of oversaturation.

Even flowering cannabis plants love - both indoors and outdoors - a soil enriched with oxygen. Ideal is 70-80% organic soil, which is mixed with coconut fiber or stretched with the help of vermiculite or biochar.

Tip: Seeds should be planted directly into the final growing pot after germination, as Autoflowers have a delicate root system that does not survive repotting well.

Adequate lighting

Even though autoflowering plants move into the flowering phase regardless of light cycles, they benefit from balanced lighting and plenty of light exposure. This can be kept the same throughout the growing phase - a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness is optimal. In our experience, a 20/4 light cycle is also suitable for growing Autoflowers successfully and again improves the yield. Usually the harvest can be done within 10 weeks.

Ideal humidity and temperature for autoflowering plants

Autoflowering cannabis is robust and thrives in a wide variety of climatic locations. Nevertheless, when growing autoflowering cannabis indoors, there are some aspects you can pay attention to in order to maximize yields and grow beautiful, strong buds. For optimal results, it makes sense to...

  • Maintain a temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius in the grow room.
  • Adjust the humidity to around 50-60% during the growing phase.
  • Reduce the humidity to about 40% during the flowering phase.

But don't worry: Autoflowers are so forgiving of some fluctuations in outdoor conditions and - unless exposed to frost for extended periods - will produce satisfactory yields even under fluctuating temperatures. So, should other, more sensitive photoperiod cannabis plants be grown in the same grow room, autoflowering plants will also endure under the appropriately adjusted conditions.

Appropriate nutrients

Autoflowers are efficient, compact plants with a comparatively weak root system. Therefore, even unlike photoperiod cannabis plants, they require few nutrients for successful growth. It is therefore recommended to give only half of the indicated dose when adding nutrients.

Tip: For autoflower plants, it is true that too much fertilizer can actually do harm. Therefore, a high-quality soil is usually already sufficient to cover the nutrient requirements during the growth phase.

The type of water

Autoflowering cannabis plants should be watered carefully, as they have a significantly reduced water requirement due to their size and there is always a risk of root rot. In this regard, the watering water should ideally have a pH of 6.5 to 7.

As a rule of thumb, plants should not be watered again until the soil has already dried completely.

Buying autoflowering seeds for indoor cultivation - what to look for

There are now many hundreds of autoflowering varieties, which all differ in effect and properties. We at Seeds66 are proud of our carefully selected autoflowering seeds, all of which have been expertly bred to deliver first-class yields.

Each variety is offered in different pack sizes. You can choose seed packs of 1, 3, 5 or 10 autoflowering seeds depending on your personal preference. All seeds are of course shipped safely and quickly.

How to choose the right seeds

Choosing the right autoflowering cannabis seeds is mainly related to individual taste. Some growers focus on fast cultivation, while others want to grow plants with a powerful effect.

The good thing about autoflowering plants is that these characteristics are not mutually exclusive - Seeds66 offers you a range of autoflowering seeds that produce both high-yielding, fast and high-potency cannabis plants.

By now, almost all conventional photoperiod strains are also available in the autoflowering version, which is why the variety of flavors and effects is endless. Whether sativa or indica, autoflowering varieties cover the desires of all growers. Especially well-known Skunk, Haze or Kush varieties in the autoflowering version are particularly popular among cannabis fans.

Order indoor autoflowering seeds at Seeds66

With the help of the filter function, all varieties can be conveniently displayed sorted by characteristics, so that individual wishes can be taken into account when buying seeds. Thus, the desired plant size, the ideal THC content, the amount of yield, the price and also the duration of the flowering period can be set to determine the appropriate varieties.

For beginners, it is recommended to try popular strains whose effects and taste are appreciated by a wide range of growers. Some of our autoflower bestsellers are:

  • Bubba Kush Auto: Convinces with an extremely easy cultivation and a taste of lemon and kerosene.

  • Blue Cheese Auto: Known for its particularly delicious taste of sweet berries and aged cheese.

  • Afghan Auto: Characterized by a potentially strong relaxing effect and an earthy-sweet flavor with citrus notes.

  • Big Blue Devil Auto: Convinces as a perfect all-rounder, offering both a delicious taste and a high yield, as well as an intense effect.

  • Bug Bud Auto: Known for its enormous yield, pungent skunky smell and sweet fruity taste.

  • Amnesia Auto: Popular for its solid yields - it is also said to have a positive effect on mental and physical ailments of all kinds.

  • Black Jack Herer Auto: Combines the intense high of the Jack Herer with the smooth stoned feeling of the Black Domina and convinces with an earthy-sweet taste.

FAQ: Autoflowering Seeds Indoor

How long do autoflowering seeds take Indoors?

How much time Automatic Cannabis plants need to be ready for harvest when grown indoors depends on several factors. Besides the strain and its individual characteristics, flowering time also varies based on external conditions such as temperature, light, and available nutrients.

Basically, however, autoflowering varieties are much more robust, uncomplicated and faster to grow than photoperiod varieties, which is why they often flower after about 8 to 10 weeks.

How to grow autoflowering?

Growing autoflowering seeds is considered easy and fast. The plants are very robust to fluctuations in growing conditions and can also survive changing temperatures and humidity levels well.

However, for maximum yields, it is recommended to give Autoflower at least 18 hours of light per day and make sure the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. In addition, the plants benefit from little water, few nutrients and an airy, loose soil.

What do I need for autoflowering?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are robust, efficient and quick to grow. An airy, light substrate that is stretched with coconut fiber or vermiculite is ideal for growing. Fertilizer should be given at most half the dosage.

How long light for autoflowering?

When growing autoflowering seeds, the light cycle is basically not crucial, as the plants will also form their flower regardless of the incidence of light. However, for maximum yields, it makes sense to provide the automatics with plenty of light: At least 18 hours of light per day is recommended for excellent yields. Many growers also use light cycles of 20 light hours and 4 dark hours to further optimize yield.

Conclusion - Buy Indoor Autoflowering Seeds at Seeds66

Autoflowering seeds are great for growing cannabis seeds indoors quickly and easily. They are not only robust and resistant to pests, diseases and external influences such as temperature fluctuations, but also score points for an extremely short growth cycle - without having to sacrifice high-quality yields.

The Autoflowers from Seeds66 all have top-notch genetics and are the right choice for beginners and experts alike, if you want to grow cannabis with delicious flavors and a top effect quickly and without much effort.