Extremely fast harvest

Autoflowering seeds allow growers not only to grow cannabis plants easily, but also to harvest them comparatively quickly. Renowned breeders have now bred a variety of autoflowering strains that deliver high-quality yields in the shortest possible time. We at Seeds66 are proud of our first-class autoflowering assortment: with our autoflowering seeds, your favorite strains are ready for harvest within a few weeks.

Definition of the term: Autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis is also known as autoflowering cannabis or automatic cannabis. This particular type of cannabis was created by crossing conventional Sativa or Indica strains with the special genetics of Cannabis Ruderarlis. This robust subspecies of marijuana originates from colder regions such as Siberia and has adapted ideally to harsh and changeable climates due to the climatic conditions there.

Due to the short summers in more northern climates, Cannabis Ruderalis has the special ability to form its flower independently of the light cycle. Autoflowers instead follow their genetically determined internal clock and start flowering on their own after a certain period of time.

Autoflowering varieties can therefore survive and flower almost anywhere thanks to their ruderalis ancestry. In addition to being highly resistant to variations in climate, autoflowering varieties also have a strong robustness to external influences such as pests, diseases and mold.

In addition, the plants have a small, compact size and usually grow in a bush-like form. Their growth is very efficient - Autoflowers therefore do not require much care and are very uncomplicated to grow. These characteristics make them the ideal strain for indoor growing, but especially for outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Autoflowering strains with fast growing cycle

While some growers have no problem waiting months for peak yields, others prefer a faster harvest of their cannabis plants. If you're one of those impatient growers, autoflowers are a good choice. However, they are also popular with beginners and cannabis enthusiasts of any experience level due to their uncomplicated and fast growing.

Normal autoflowering strains require about 8 to 10 weeks for a growth cycle. However, extremely fast autoflowerers can form flowering within 6 to 7 weeks. Due to the short growth period, the fastest autoflowering strains are very small - yet they deliver high-quality yields with top-notch taste and a solid effect.

Even with the fastest autoflowering strains, it is important that the relationship between speed, quality and yield is in harmony. After all, what's the point of saving a few days if the harvest is not satisfactory? That's why the choice even for the fastest autoflowering varieties should fall on high-quality varieties, which come from renowned breeders and bring a good yield. To ensure this, we attach great importance to high-quality genetics in our assortment.

The fastest autoflowering varieties

The breeding of faster and faster automatic seeds is progressing steadily. In recent years, a competition has broken out among many breeders to see who can bring the fastest seeds to market. After all, why wait forever for a harvest when it can be done much faster?

There are many reasons to choose fast autoflowering seeds. We at Seeds66 have some particularly fast autoflowers in our assortment, which convince with the highest quality and effect despite the short flowering time. For all growers who can't go fast enough when it comes to harvesting, our extremely fast autoflowering seeds allow for a harvest in the shortest possible time. To make the decision for a fast autoflowering strain a little easier, we present our most popular fast growers in more detail.

Bubble G Auto

The extremely fast autoflowering strain Bubble G Auto by Seeds66 was created by crossing the popular strain Bubble G and Ruderalis genetics. It is an automatic hybrid strain that can deliver a large yield in an amazingly short time. It is therefore especially popular when things need to be done quickly: Grown indoors, it can already deliver yields of 400 to 500 grams per square meter within just 60 days of flowering.

The smell of Bubble G Auto can be described as intensely sweet and reminiscent of strawberry gum. When smoked, it offers the perfect combination of relaxing effect and psychedelic high. This balanced effect is achieved by the relatively high THC content of 18% to 21%, as well as a CBD content of about 0.6%.

CBD Purple Kush Auto 30:1

This almost 100% indica strain is characterized by an outstanding CBD-THC ratio of 30:1 and has an extremely fast life cycle. Whether grown outdoors or indoors, the flowering time is just 8 weeks. Grown outdoors, it can produce up to 3 harvests per year, each with a yield of 30 grams per plant. Indoors, it yields up to 350 grams per square meter.

The taste and aroma of CBD Purple Kush Auto 30:1 remind of a smooth woody, earthy aroma mixed with the sweetness of red fruits. The strain is popular due to its light but relaxing effect. This is explained by the high CBD content of 17% to 19%, with a THC content of just 0.5%.

Cream Candy Auto

Cream Candy Auto is an indica-dominant cross of Deimos and Cream Caramel Auto. Despite the short flowering time, the strain produces potent, thick buds with a creamy, smooth and earthy taste reminiscent of vanilla ice cream.

Indoors, Cream Candy Auto takes about 60 to 70 days from seed to harvest, yielding then up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors, it reaches a yield of 60 to 100 grams per plant in the same time. With a THC content of 19% to 24%, the strain is ideal for relaxing and being happy.

NYC Diesel Auto

NYC Diesel Auto is the automatic version of the famous NYC Diesel strain from the 1980s. Its indica-dominant genetics provide strong cerebral effects that evolve into deep physical relaxation over time.
The aroma of NYC Diesel Auto can be described as spicy and sensual, with Diesel notes clearly evident. Within 60 to 70 days, this strain grows to a height of 100 centimeters and produces dense, intense flowers.

Advantages of growing autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are popular with growers of all experience levels for a reason: growing autoflowering seeds comes with several advantages over conventional photoperiod cannabis plants. Not only is the focus on the short growing time, but other characteristics of the marijuana subspecies are also appreciated by cannabis lovers worldwide.

Suitable size

One of the main advantages of autoflowering marijuana plants is their small size. Even though this usually means that yields are not quite as lush as from tall photoperiod plants, it allows for a high level of discretion when growing. The small size ensures that the plants remain out of sight and in private. Autoflowers can also be grown tucked away in small spaces, balconies or gardens and take up very little space throughout the growing season.

Rapid growth

Autoflowers go through the entire development from seed germination to flowering in a much shorter period of time than photoperiods. As a result, the flowers can be harvested within a few weeks of germination. The short flowering period also allows growers to produce multiple harvests per year. So, if one is looking for fast yet high-quality results, autoflowering strains are the best choice.

Easy lighting

One of the most important features of autoflowering plants is the independent formation of the flower from the light cycle. Thus, to successfully grow autoflowers, growers do not have to adhere to a fixed light schedule; instead, the light supply can be varied.

For outdoor cultivation, for example, this means that Autoflowers can be sown almost all year round - from February to September. Neither the seasonal differences in light supply nor light pollution, for example from street lamps, prevent the autoflowers from growing.

When growing autoflowering seeds indoors, a light cycle of 20 light hours and 4 dark hours is recommended for maximum yields. However, Autoflowers will also thrive under less light.


Autoflowering cannabis is very resistant and robust to external influences. Compared to photoperiod plants, Autoflowers are much less likely to be affected by mold, pests, diseases and other complications. This makes them very uncomplicated to grow and ensures that little attention is required to obtain satisfactory yields.

Savings potential

Growing autoflowering seeds not only saves time, but also money. The plants require less fertilizer, so costs for nutrient supplements are saved. They also don't require extensive lighting and humidification, so energy costs are also lower compared to growing photoperiods.

CBD content

Many autoflowering strains have a surprisingly high CBD content. Many growers prefer to grow autoflowering strains and their pleasant balancing effects, as they can use them ideally for medicinal purposes.
With a preference for CBD-rich strains with high quality and top-notch effects, Seeds66 CBD auto seeds are the best choice.

How can an autoflowering strain get faster?

Even though autoflowers already have a very short growth cycle, there are some tricks that can help the plants go through their growing cycle even faster. Nevertheless, growers should always remember: during cultivation, autoflowering cannabis should not be overstressed either. A certain duration is also necessary for a good harvest. Therefore, the shorter the cultivation period, the lower the yield will be.

If, for once, the crop needs to be harvested as soon as possible, the cannabis plant can be placed in a small pot. Once the roots run out of substrate, the plant will go into flowering to finish its growth cycle with enough nutrients.

Another way to shorten the growth period are special products that can accelerate the maturation process of the plants by a few days. However, we do not recommend these, as they can also be expected to have a negative impact on yield.

FAQ: Fastest autoflowering strains

Which cannabis plant grows the fastest?

Autoflowering cannabis plants have a significantly shortened growth period compared to conventional photoperiods. On average, they take just ten weeks to produce high-yielding flowers.
Seeds66 offers a wide range of extra fast flowering Autoflowers, which only need about seven weeks for the formation of flowers. At the same time, there is no need to compromise on effect and taste - first-class breedings promise excellent quality even with the auto variants of the popular varieties.

How long do Autoflower really take?

Autoflowering varieties take an average of 10 weeks to reach the flowering stage and produce yield. However, Extra Fast Autoflowers from Seeds66 manage to deliver high-quality yields in just 7 weeks.

What are the best automatic seeds?

The best Automatic seeds convince with a fast growing time, high quality as well as first-class aromas and intense effects. Seeds66 offers a wide range of extra fast flowering autoflowers that meet all the needs of impatient growers. Popular autoflowering seeds include Bubble G Auto, Cream Candy Auto and NYC Diesel Auto.

How much yield does an autoflowering produce?

The yield of autoflowering cannabis varies depending on the genetics of the strain, flowering time and growing conditions. Generally, due to their small size, Autoflowers yield between 50 and 250 grams, which is on par with photoperiod cannabis in terms of quality and effect. Since Autoflowers have a very short growth cycle, they can be grown several times a year, producing new yields after a short period of time.

Conclusion - the fastest autoflowering strains at Seeds66

The fastest autoflowering strains from Seeds66 are ideal if you want to harvest really fast, for whatever reason. High quality yields can be produced within a short period of time - without compromising on taste and effect.