Kush Strains

In recent years, Kush varieties have become very popular and have become the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. Originally from the surrounding areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the Hindu Kush Mountains are located. Originally, these robust and resinous plants were pure Indica varieties. Over the years, however, it has led to an inevitable hybridization. Breeders and enthusiasts tried to add the coveted Indica qualities to their favorite Sativa to create a high quality new marijuana strain. The breakthrough then made it in the US (where it is well suited for the mountainous and desert regions of California) where the famous OG Kush saw the world. She was the perfect mix of indica and sativa.

While the true genetic (and geographical) origins of OG Kush are mysterious, it has become the backbone of most West Coast tribes and breeding programs. The various known phenotypes have become as individualized and famous as the original, while the bud structure of OG Kush is immediately recognizable in hybrids. In this section of the site you will find the best Kush varieties and Kush hybrids. If you've never tried a Kush strain before, they're just right here at Seeds66.