Royal Queen Seeds

When buying cannabis seeds, choosing the quality is crucial to get satisfactory growing results. Royal Queen Seeds is a leading provider of high-quality cannabis seeds, which scores with a large selection of products and outstanding seed quality.

All information about the manufacturer, the products and whether Royal Queen Seeds is legal and safe can be found in this article.

Who is Royal Queen Seeds?

Royal Queen Seeds is one of the leading cannabis seed producers across Europe. Founded in 2006 in the Netherlands, the company has quickly built a reputation for breeding high-quality, fast-growing cannabis strains.

With a wide range of feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, Royal Queen Seeds offers the right seeds for different needs.

Vision & Mission

At Royal Queen Seeds, quality and passion are paramount. The company's goal is to breed cannabis with the best possible genetics that are ideal for all types of users. With this, Royal Queen Seeds aims to revolutionize the cannabis market with innovation and creativity, investing time and resources to support the development and growth of the sector.

The focus is on building an overarching community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts. By sharing knowledge and expertise about breeding and growing cannabis, the company aims to debunk myths and advance the current state of research.


Royal Queen Seeds places the highest value on the best, purest and most stable genetics, guaranteeing cannabis growers a quality harvest. For this reason, all seeds at Royal Queen Seeds are handpicked from organic plants and are always tested for genetic purity.

This enables Royal Queen Seeds to provide the basis for the purest cannabis products on the market and achieve an exceptional germination success rate. Producers from different areas work reliably with Royal Queen Seeds and can offer consumers high-quality organic and sustainable products.


RQS is a company that uses sustainable and ecological methods in both cultivation and other business processes. Following on from this, Royal Queen Seeds pays strict attention to the best possible quality during cultivation and usually lets the sensitive cannabis plants thrive under natural sunlight.

What initially began with the cultivation of female plants has now developed into an outstanding variety of species and offers for every taste and every requirement. RQS develops cannabis seeds that make it easy to grow the plants - and still deliver a great end result with rich yields, unique flavors and exciting effects.

Character traits

As an award-winning cannabis seedbank, Royal Seeds is best known for its huge and unique range of strains.

You can rely on the following quality features:

  • The seeds are sorted, checked and packed by hand.
  • All cannabis seeds are thoroughly tested for genetic purity.
  • Only strains that show a particularly potent quality are offered for sale.
  • All cannabis seeds are organically grown.
  • The yields score with a pleasant taste and a good effect.

Royal Queen Seeds as a symbol of Quality

Royal Queen Seeds is a symbol of good quality and premium yields for both new cannabis growers and experienced growers alike. Among other things, this is due to the company's many years of experience and the constant striving and research for improvement and new possibilities.

In various Internet forums and among connoisseurs, everyone agrees that Royal Queen Seeds is a reliable manufacturer who scores with good reviews and experiences - and at a fair price.

By the way: It is common for large seed companies to present themselves at trade fairs and competitions and receive awards there. There are a number of industry associations and organizations that award best seed bank awards annually. Over the years, many RQS cannabis seeds have won such awards, including the High Times Marijuana Cup and the Highlife Cup, among others.

These variants are offered by Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds offers a wide range of different recreational and medicinal cannabis seeds. This includes feminized, regular and autoflowering cannabis seeds. The wide range of cannabis seeds is suitable for different growing conditions such as outdoor, indoor and greenhouse. RQS thus offers a large selection of cannabis strains for a wide variety of cultivation types - and the selection is constantly expanding.

Some of the most popular strains include Critical, Northern Light, Skunk #1, and White Widow. RQS seeds are available in packs of 1, 3, 5 and 10 seeds.

Royal Seed Queens also lists medicinal strains that are particularly high in CBD, as well as medicinal strains with THC levels.


Even though cannabis seeds are quite hardy by nature, some influences like humidity and temperature can reduce the quality of the seeds and their yield. For this reason, Royal Queen Seeds packs all seeds in specially designed packaging that allows for completely airtight storage. The hand-packaged seeds arrive at the grower well-protected, so that the quality is not damaged during transport.

Each individual seed is packaged in a plastic sleeve surrounded by another protective layer of cardboard. This keeps the seeds securely sealed until needed.

Experience & Evaluation Certificate

The experiences with the products of Royal Queen Seeds are internationally positive. The company scores in many forums and platforms with numerous 5-star ratings, both in terms of quality and excellent service.

There are over 60,000 reviews on Trustpilot alone, with an average of 4.7 stars. Satisfaction is also high among customers who comment on the company's website. Many growers report satisfactory results when growing their plants. The large selection of seeds, the high germination rate and the high-yield harvest are particularly praised. However, there are also some customers who complain that the prices are slightly higher than with other providers. Overall, however, the company enjoys a very good reputation and has made a name for itself in the industry.

The independent evaluation platform eKomi has awarded Royal Queen Seeds the highest seal "Gold", which once again underlines the transparency and quality of the company.

FAQ section

Are Royal Queen Seeds seeds legal?

The purchase of cannabis seeds, whether for plants containing THC or industrial hemp, is completely legal in Austria. This means that you can also buy and order Royal Queen Seeds online without hesitation.

There are only restrictions in a few countries, for example in Germany. There are currently regulations that restrict the trade in cannabis seeds.

How safe is Royal Queen Seeds?

Royal Queen Seeds is a European cannabis seed manufacturer whose products are of outstanding quality and are also grown sustainably and organically. Buying Royal Queen Seeds through the right platforms is safe and legal in most countries.

Is Royal Queen Seeds a good seedbank?

Royal Queen Seeds is recognized as a top seed bank, with outstanding reviews around the world. The company not only attaches importance to constant improvement in quality and yields, but also pays attention to sustainable cultivation and is also committed to education in the cannabis sector.

Is ordering cannabis seeds a criminal offence?

In Austria, buying and owning cannabis seeds - and even planting them - is legal. So anyone who orders cannabis seeds online, whether with or without THC content, is not liable to prosecution. Only when the cannabis plants start to flower and the THC content of the plant increases do the legal restrictions begin. Important: These regulations do not (yet) apply in every country. Germany is sometimes an exception in Europe when it comes to trading hemp seeds.

Conclusion - A tempting alternative to home growing

Royal Queen Seeds impresses with its high-quality products, making it an enticing alternative to growing your own cannabis. The company offers a wide range of high-quality seeds that are suitable for both novice and experienced growers. The seeds are handpicked by experienced breeders and rigorously tested to ensure the seeds have a high germination rate and good plant development.

By using Royal Queen Seeds for home growing, you can be sure of getting quality plants - without having to worry about seed selection and preparation. Overall, Royal Queen Seeds offers an enticing alternative to home growing that saves both time and resources while guaranteeing high Quality.