Feminised seeds

With our high quality feminized cannabis seeds, we grow only female, high performing cannabis plants that deliver an excellent yield. Feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing and are considered one of the best and most efficient methods for growing cannabis.

Feminized seeds - special cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds make growing cannabis a lot easier. Every grower knows how time-consuming it is to determine the sex of the plant and weed out male cannabis plants. Feminized cannabis seeds provide a remedy: they are most likely to grow potent female cannabis plants that reliably deliver cannabinoid-rich yields.

Feminized seeds - what's behind them?

Growing regular cannabis seeds presents some challenges to growers who want high yields quickly. A regular, or unfeminized, cannabis seed is equally likely to produce a male or a female cannabis plant. Some seeds also develop hermaphroditic plants that possess characteristics of both male and female cannabis plants.

Male plants, unlike their female counterparts, produce small, cannabinoid-poor pollen sacs and thus do not yield usable buds. In addition, there is a risk that female plants will be pollinated and develop seeds in their buds - this significantly damages the harvest.

Most of the time, harvesting cannabinoid-rich buds is the focus of cannabis cultivation. So, many growers want to avoid male and hermaphrodite plants because they tremendously inhibit the efficiency and outcome of cannabis cultivation and have to be laboriously sorted out.

Feminized cannabis seeds, unlike regular seeds, develop female cannabis flowers with a 99.9% probability, which makes growing these seeds much more efficient. Feminized seeds are therefore a viable method for both experienced growers and beginners to harvest high-yielding flowers.

Where do feminized seeds come from?

The first feminized cannabis seeds came on the market in the 1980s. In the meantime, they have become indispensable for most growers. Practically all popular cannabis strains are nowadays also available as feminized versions, so that through their cultivation not only maximum yields, but also the first-class effect and the intense flavors of the well-known variety classics can be achieved.

But how are feminized cannabis seeds created? Cannabis plants possess a special property that has ensured their survival for many thousands of years. This biological survival mechanism allows for both cross-pollination and self-pollination to function in some plants, thus ensuring the plant's reproduction.

Breeders take advantage of this very biological programming: they develop female cannabis plants that produce pollen for pollination of other females. The resulting seeds are devoid of male chromosomes and produce only female cannabis seeds. Through years of further development of these genetics, there are stable feminized cannabis seeds on the cannabis market that produce reliable results.

At Seeds66, we only source excellent feminized cannabis genetics from the best breeders worldwide. So if you're looking for top-notch feminized seeds, Seeds66 is the place to go.

Identifying a feminized seed

Female, male and hermaphrodite cannabis seeds all look the same. Accordingly, the sex of cannabis seeds cannot be identified with the naked eye. This makes growing regular cannabis seeds a test of patience, as it takes some time to determine if the plants are female and producing buds.

The differences of male and female cannabis plants form during the growing phase. Male plants are often larger to ensure successful pollen dispersal. These pollen sacs form at the nodes on the stem and look like small balls, which are filled with pollen dust. Male cannabis plants are useful if the grower wants to experiment with breeding new strains themselves and use the pollen to pollinate female plants.

The rule is that the earlier the sex is identified, the more likely it is that unwanted pollination of female plants will be prevented. However, it can often still be difficult to determine the correct gender even at the beginning of the flowering phase. So, if the goal of cannabis cultivation is to harvest high-yielding buds, feminized cannabis seeds should definitely be the choice when buying seeds.

Don't worry, when buying cannabis seeds on Seeds66, the gender of the plant can be quickly identified: Whether cannabis seeds are regular or feminized is indicated by the associated characteristics and properties of each strain on the corresponding product page.

Are all feminized seeds female?

Carefully bred feminized cannabis seeds have a 99.9% probability of developing into a female plant. This high level of certainty is achieved by breeders patiently stabilizing the genetics of the strain over a long period of time.

Seeds66 offers a wide range of high-quality feminized cannabis seeds, all of which reliably produce female plants. This is also important, because when buying cheap cannabis seeds from dubious dealers, there can be uncertainties in terms of genetic purity - and even a single male cannabis plant can destroy the entire crop.

Buy feminized cannabis seeds

When choosing the appropriate feminized cannabis strain, factors such as taste, flowering time, plant size, cannabinoid content, and also the location of cultivation should be considered. For growing the best cannabis plants, it is recommended to use our high-quality feminized seeds, all of which come from top-notch breeders and have stable genetics. This is important for growers of any experience level to ensure that the cultivation is successful and the plants produce a good yield.

Why buy feminized seeds?

Our feminized cannabis seeds offer top value for money when it comes to growing cannabis and make for particularly efficient cultivation. In recent years, feminized cannabis seeds have become very popular in the cannabis community. The key advantages of feminized seeds are:

  • The seeds are very likely to produce flowering, female plants.
  • They are easy to grow, as there are no male plants to identify and sort out.
  • The wide variety of different feminized strains offers many choices.
  • The seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.
  • Feminized cannabis seeds provide reliable, stable genetics.
  • The seeds produce robust and large cannabis plants that also respond well to plant training.
  • Feminized plants produce buds with maximum potency and intense Aromas.

The reasons show why feminized cannabis seeds are so popular in cannabis cultivation. The variety of different feminized seeds offers the right strain for every grower. Intense aromas and a wide variety of cannabinoid profiles ensure that everyone will be satisfied with their growing results.

How to choose the best feminized seeds?

Depending on individual tastes and requirements, different strains may be suitable for cultivation. Some growers focus on a fast harvest and can therefore achieve the best results with feminized autoflowering strains.

Other strains have a particularly long flowering time and produce extremely strong buds, so that huge yields can be harvested. Still other growers want the simplest, most straightforward cannabis cultivation possible, and should accordingly choose strains that are robust and less sensitive to neglect in care.

When choosing a cannabis strain, it should also always be considered whether the seed is to be grown indoors or outdoors. Even though we carry many strains that thrive excellently in both environments, some cannabis plants prefer a specific environment. This allows them to produce the maximum yields and satisfy the grower.

Tips and tricks for growing feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds make growing cannabis plants much easier - male plants no longer need to be laboriously sorted out, nor can they ruin harvests. Although feminized plants meet the highest quality standards, there are a few tricks that can make growing our cannabis seeds even more productive and give you a perfect harvest.

  1. Avoid too little watering: Cannabis plants should never dry out properly. For the formation of strong flowers, it is important that the roots are always supplied with sufficient moisture - this is especially true in the early growth phase, in which the root system is very sensitive.

  2. Avoid too much watering: At the same time, the plant should not be "drowned" under any circumstances. A balance of moisture is important, because with excessive watering the plant can become oversaturated and root rot can develop. Cannabis plants always need some time between watering, as over-care with too much water and nutrients has broken many a plant.

  3. Prevent pests and diseases: In cannabis cultivation, pests in the form of insects or other diseases are the biggest enemy. Therefore, such infestation should be prevented at all costs. Once spider mites, thrips or whitefly have established themselves in the garden or grow room, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them. The same applies to infestations with fungi such as boytrytis or powdery mildew. These can destroy the entire crop in no time. Biological preventive measures and treatment methods are useful so that pesticides do not have to be used. There are a number of beneficial insects that help to control pests and diseases in a natural way.

  4. The right nutrients: Feminized hemp plants often reach a stately size and have a correspondingly intensive growth phase. During this, it is crucial that the plants are supplied with all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, a substrate suitable for the variety should be selected from the beginning and the use of special fertilizers should be considered. Nitrogen in particular is important for cannabis to thrive.

  5. Avoid too much care: Especially beginners like to overdo it once in a while with the care of their protégés. Basically, it makes sense to observe the plants closely and to recognize their needs. But as is often the case when growing cannabis, less is often more. It is a misconception that the more nutrients you give plants, the better they grow. On the contrary, over-fertilization stresses plants and can overwhelm and stunt their growth.

  6. The right space planning: Female cannabis plants can, depending on the variety, grow strongly in the height. Therefore, when sowing the seeds, the space that the plants will need later should already be planned. The information on plant size on the respective product page of the cannabis variety will help. If the plants grow too close to each other, the ventilation can be disturbed and diseases can be promoted.

Feminized vs. autoflowering seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds originally possess photoperiod genetics just like regular seeds. This means that the plants require a specific light cycle to grow and form flowering. Usually, feminized plants require about 18 hours of light during the growing phase, as well as 6 hours of darkness per day. To initiate the flowering phase, this cycle must be adjusted to 12 light hours and 12 dark hours.

Autoflowering seeds are an evolution of feminized and regular cannabis seeds. By crossing with a special cannabis strain - Cannabis Ruderalis - that flowers independently of the light cycle, many of the popular cannabis strains are nowadays also offered as autoflowers. Some growers consider autoflowers to be the easiest and fastest way to grow cannabis.

In fact, autoflowering plants are in no way inferior to conventional feminized plants in terms of quality, taste and effect. Only the yield is usually lower than feminized cannabis due to the shorter growing time and small plant size.

By the way, all autoflowering seeds are feminized nowadays and are therefore also called autofems. Feminized autoflowers combine the best features of both genetics to provide top-notch yields with a top effect in the shortest possible time.

FAQ: Buy feminized cannabis seeds

How to get feminized cannabis seeds?

A wide selection of high-quality feminized cannabis seeds can be found in the Seeds66 range. These cannabis seeds are all genetically bred to have a high probability of producing only female cannabis plants and producing high yields.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds form genetically female cannabis plants with a very high probability of 99.9%. Female plants offer growers the advantage of producing high-yielding buds that contain large amounts of cannabinoids.

How long do feminized cannabis seeds take?

The growing time of feminized seeds varies depending on the strain. On average, photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds take between 3 and 4 months from seed to harvest. Seeds66 offers extremely fast feminized autoflowering seeds that can produce yields in significantly less time: Many strains here have a very short flowering time of just 7 to 8 weeks.

Conclusion - buy feminized seeds at Seeds66

As a grower, cultivation with feminized seeds is particularly recommended, as the hassle of laboriously sorting out the male cannabis plants is eliminated and the female plants deliver strong flowers of the best quality.
At Seeds66, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of feminized cannabis seeds, all of which possess the highest quality genetics and deliver top-notch yields.