Feminised seeds

We only sell feminised seeds because they were bred for one reason only. The plants were allowed to contain no male chromosomes. This was the beginning of the era of feminized cannabis seeds. This development was a among the growers like a bomb and changed the whole sustainable cannabis scene. Sort no more male cannabis plants was the motto. Therefore we strongly recommend to buy feminised seeds. We always have 500 different varieties in store for you.

What are feminised seeds?

The cannabis plant is one of the few plants can have different genders. Seeds arise then only if the male plant fertilizes the female. But the cannabis plant has to produce the property in need himself male flowers. Then, when these special female plant pollinating another female hemp plant, obtained 100% female seeds. This fact has facilitated the cultivation of cannabis to much because every gardener now beforehand knew that all regular seeds which he implanted produce female marijuana plants.