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 Although Skunk is one of the most...

Although Skunk is one of the most important cannabis strains in history, it is also the most misunderstood of all. At least, this is the case in many regions, where cannabis of high quality and potency is often referred to as Skunk. Skunk is not just a strain in itself, but a generic term for one of the strongest marijuana strains on the market.

In reality, however, Skunk is a very important and completely independent cannabis strain. Any form of true Skunk may have the same strong and powerful qualities, but decades of careful breeding and engineering have resulted in the creation of dozens of modern masterpieces.

And if you're interested in trying one of them, you've come to the right place! Seeds66 is proud to offer a wide selection of Skunk variety cannabis seeds - all personally selected and renowned for their outstanding quality and epic results.

Skunk the "Oldschool" Strain

Skunk comes in different forms. At the beginning of the 70s, the first super-talented skunk names began to make the rounds. To this day, Skunk is characterized by an almost overwhelming, earthy aroma, which must be carefully cleaned by activated carbon filters, if discretion is required. Due to the fact that Skunk has always been such a strong strain, all other quality strains have been referred to as Skunk in some circles. Even if by definition they are nothing like that.

The strength of Skunk produced today is so high that it represents the variety highlighted in most government health warnings! This originates from America where hemp was forbidden for a long time. Now, however, the various Skunk tribes are the subject of intense research as the scientific community investigates how many incredible medicinal properties this 70's wonder plant possesses.

A Skunk family, but endless varieties

There are only a few varieties that exceed Skunk when it comes to the potential for large and reliable yields with minimal effort. Skunk plants are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor growing. They are uniquely durable, resilient and forgive most rookie mistakes.

Search our shop for various Skunksorten or contact the Seeds66 team if you have any questions.

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