Medical Cannabis Seeds

The use of hemp for medicinal purposes is becoming increasingly popular. The potentially wide range of uses for numerous ailments is causing more and more countries to legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

What is the potential of medical cannabis, which strains are suitable for medical use and how to grow it properly? Seeds66 offers a premium selection of medical cannabis seeds and provides important information on the subject.

What is special about hemp?

The hemp plant is considered one of the oldest useful and medicinal plants in the world. It has been used for many thousands of years to make textiles, fodder and tea.

However, the hemp plant also has medicinal benefits. In addition to strains high in THC, which are known primarily for their psychoactive effects, there are also strains high in CBD, which do not produce mind-altering effects. Instead, CBD is said to have a calming and pain-relieving effect.

Meanwhile, the cannabinoids of the hemp plant - THC and CBD - are used as a treatment for pain or for mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders, addictions or depression.

What characterizes medical Cannabis?

In principle, any cannabis strain is suitable for medicinal use, as long as it has a notable THC and/or CBD content. Nevertheless, certain strains are preferentially chosen for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

The cannabinoid profile plays no insignificant role in this.

Medical cannabis with a high CBD content is said to have mainly relaxing, analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. THC is also said to have an appetite-stimulating effect. Accordingly, medical hemp seeds are used:

Indica-dominant medical hemp seeds produce plants with high THC and CBD content. Recreational users enjoy a calming, relaxing stoned feeling. The potential relaxing effects are also being harnessed by the medical field. Indicas are considered suitable for muscle tension, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatism, among others.

Medical sativa strains, on the other hand, are characterized by a higher THC content as well as a lower CBD content. They can induce an energetic high feeling. Sativas are used to stimulate appetite, for example. Sativa-dominant strains are also said to have positive effects against nausea and even chronic pain.

Hybrid forms of indica and sativa with high CBD and/or THC content combine the properties of both varieties. Last but not least, they are said to promote mental clarity while having a relaxing and anxiety-relieving effect.

Many medical cannabis seeds are characterized by a high CBD content and low THC content to avoid a high.

Seeds66 provides important information about active ingredients and uses for each strain, making it easier to decide which cannabis strain is right for you before you buy.

How is medical cannabis taken?

New medical findings, as well as the efforts of numerous activists, have led to cannabis being released in many countries around the world in recent years, at least for medical use. Cannabis medicine has been available on prescription in Austria for some time, with Germany following suit in 2017.

Medical cannabis can be smoked, inhaled using a vaporizer or inhaler, or taken orally. The dose depends on the chosen form of ingestion. To avoid undesirable side effects, the dose is usually increased bit by bit.

Cannabis is often administered in the form of drops or as a spray sublingually. The medicinal cannabis is placed under the tongue and left there for a few minutes before being swallowed. The active ingredients of the cannabis are supposed to be absorbed more quickly in this way. Bioavailability - meaning how quickly and well the cannabis medicine is absorbed - is about 20-50%.

In comparison, the bioavailability when taken via vaporizers or inhalers is around 50-80%.
By the way: For medical use, cannabinoids are now also produced synthetically and processed into gelatin capsules.

Medical hemp is used for these diseases

Medical cannabis could be useful for various ailments - depending on the strain:

  • Muscle spasms
  • tremor and shaking
  • chronic pain
  • arthritic and rheumatic stiffness
  • inflammations
  • anxieties
  • insomnia
  • nausea (caused by chemotherapy or as a side effect of medication)
  • loss of appetite
  • migraine
  • depression

Medical cannabis has made a name for itself in particular as a pain-relieving agent. Especially in the case of chronic pain, the plant is said to provide relief. After chemotherapy, medical cannabis is prescribed to reduce nausea and vomiting.

However, medical cannabis could also have positive effects in the treatment of mental illnesses. For example, it is used for anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and schizophrenia. Medical hemp is also said to have a soothing effect on epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Growing medical hemp seeds correctly

For hemp to be eligible for medical use, it should meet high quality standards. That's why our medical hemp seeds are particularly suitable, coming from reputable growers and trustworthy companies.

Medical cannabis producers can now legally grow plants with high CBD and THC content in Europe after obtaining the appropriate license. Medical cannabis may also be cultivated by private individuals in Europe since a few years, if they have received a corresponding special permit. Again, choosing the right strain with a high THC and/or CBD content is crucial for the effectiveness of the plant.

For all other growers who wish to cultivate medical cannabis varieties, the following regulations apply in Austria:

As long as the plants are not cultivated for the "purpose of narcotic drug production" (Narcotic Drugs Act § 27), cultivation is not illegal. This means that cannabis is not allowed to form flowers - the remaining components of the cannabis plant do not contain THC levels that exceed the maximum limit of 0.2% THC and are therefore considered legal.

This does not apply to all countries, so always check the legal situation at the place of cultivation.


When growing medical cannabis, it is important to create the right environmental conditions. Depending on the variety and location, the plants may need more or less care. Indoor cultivation of cannabis involves a little more effort than outdoor cultivation, but optimal growing conditions can be created there.

Many cannabis strains are rather undemanding in terms of soil quality and thrive wherever some soil and water is available. However, in order to produce good yields, hemp needs some basic requirements to grow:

A deep, humusy, calcareous and nutrient-rich soil with a good water supply is optimal to reap a bountiful harvest. The pH value of the soil should be neutral to slightly alkaline, compacted soil or waterlogging is not tolerated by the hemp plant. Heavy clay and light sandy soils are also unsuitable.

Otherwise, hemp loves high temperatures and plenty of sun, but appropriately bred varieties also thrive in colder latitudes and can survive light frosts.

Crop rotation

In principle, any plant is suitable as a preceding crop on the outdoor cultivation site of hemp. Due to the high nutrient requirement, it is suitable for cultivation after clover grass or legumes, among others. Hemp itself is also considered a good preceding crop, as it successfully suppresses weeds and loosens the soil through its widely branched, deep root system, and is also self-compatible.


In Austria and also in Germany, hemp may now be cultivated as a crop. However, this currently applies only to hemp varieties that have a THC content of 0.2% or less. There is a corresponding variety catalog here, which contains all 70 varieties approved in the EU and is updated annually.

However, with a medically indicated special permit, THC-rich hemp varieties may also be grown - even for private use.

Some of our top medical strains include:

  • Purple Haze: A sativa-dominant hybrid, Purple Haze is said to have positive effects on ailments such as muscle tension, pain, migraines, depression and anxiety disorders. The strain has an activating, invigorating effect that is also said to help with concentration problems. The ratio of THC (between 16 and 21%) and CBD (between 0.1 and 0.5%) is worth highlighting.

  • Lemon Haze Auto: This autoflowering medicinal strain is known for its euphoric, cerebral effect. It is robust and easy to grow and scores with a wonderfully light taste of lemon. The positive high is appreciated by many people and is said to be able to combat stress and depression - at the same time, Lemon Haze Auto is also said to have a pain-relieving effect.

  • Critical Fast Bud: This highly potent strain is appreciated worldwide not only for its fast growth, but also for its possible medicinal effects. The strong body stone is said to have positive effects on chronic pain, sleep disorders, cramps and also stress and anxiety.

  • Bubble G Auto: The standout, sweet taste of strawberry chewing gum makes this variety especially popular with foodies. It can be calming, stimulating and inspiring.


Medical hemp seeds should be sown outdoors around April and May, as soon as soil temperatures exceed 8 degrees Celsius. In order for the hemp to thrive, there should be no more night frost at the respective location at the time of sowing.


Important for all purposes is the right time of harvest, so that the best possible quality can be achieved. Normally, the harvest of the hemp plant takes place around September or October, as soon as the plant has reached its flowering period. However, this time varies depending on the location and climatic conditions - the hemp variety also influences the duration of the growth phase.

Proper storage of Seeds66 cannabis seeds

Hemp seeds are very robust against external influences, as they are well protected by the hard shell. As long as they are sealed airtight, stored in a cool place and not exposed to moisture, the seeds can be stored for a long period of time.

4 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature to keep the hemp seeds germinable for a long time. The refrigerator is a suitable place to store the cannabis seeds. Attention: the seeds should not be put in the freezer. If the seed package has been opened, it should be packed again as well protected as possible - it is suitable for this purpose, for example, a film can to prevent light penetration and the penetration of moisture.

If there is no refrigerator for storage, a dark, dry and cool cupboard is also suitable. Under optimal storage conditions, hemp seeds should keep for at least two years. Of course, after this time, not all seeds are damaged by far, but the germination rate decreases steadily from this point on.

Conclusion: Buy medical cannabis seeds at Seeds66

Cannabis is a versatile plant that is also said to bring many medicinal benefits. The cannabinoids of cannabis are said to have positive effects on the human body - so it is not without reason that cannabis has been used as a medicinal and useful plant for many millennia.

Seeds66 offers a range of medicinal cannabis seeds, all characterized by the highest quality and first-class effects. With them, nothing stands in the way of successful home cultivation of medical Cannabis.