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Kannabia is a Spanish seed bank based in Granada that has been active since 2004. The seed bank was founded by a group of cannabis enthusiasts who aim to produce and distribute high-quality cannabis seeds.

Kannabia's assortment includes a variety of strains that are known for their excellent quality and high potency. The seed bank specializes in breeding feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich strains.

Kannabia is particularly proud of its work on the preservation and improvement of landraces. The seed bank works to preserve and improve the original genetics of landraces from around the world by crossing them with modern breeding techniques. Some of the most famous landraces that Kannabia has worked on are Afghan, Skunk, Haze and White Widow.

The seed bank is also known for its work on developing autoflowering varieties. Autoflowering seeds are particularly easy to grow because they flower regardless of the amount of light and therefore do not require special light cycles. Kannabia offers a wide range of autoflowering varieties that are known for their fast flowering time, high potency and excellent taste.

Kannabia is committed to an environmentally friendly approach to growing cannabis and uses only natural cultivation methods. The seed bank strives to minimize its impact on the environment and is working to develop more sustainable growing methods.

Kannabia is also known for its customer-friendly approach. The seed bank offers a variety of different package sizes, from single seeds to larger packs. The seed bank also offers a guarantee for their seeds to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products.

In conclusion, Kannabia is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality cannabis seeds. With its wide range of strains, its work on preserving landraces and developing autoflowering strains, as well as its eco-friendly approach and customer-friendly policies, Kannabia has established itself as one of the leading seed banks in the industry.