White Widow Strains

 The mention of White Widow is...

The mention of White Widow is usually sufficient to make the average cannabis connoisseur tremble with excitement. As one of the most famous and notorious cannabis strains in the world you will not go to an Amsterdam coffee shop without White Widow taking a special place on the menu

White Widow is known for conveying contentment and tranquility equally. It's the kind of strain that lets you know exactly what you are getting. Powerful, fragrant and indisputably delicious. The fact that White Widow is comparatively easy to grow is just an added bonus. When it comes to the use of recreational and medical cannabis alike, this is a strain that really does not require any introduction.

White Widow origin

Not surprisingly, the origins of White Widow cannabis are due to the Netherlands. Dutch breeders used a Sativa variety from South America and an Indica from India to produce what became a legend among the legends. You just have to take a look at a White Widow plant to know exactly how it got its name - a thick and luxurious layer of sticky white crystals covering its buds and many leaves.

White Widow is a relatively balanced hybrid containing about 40% Sativa and 60% Indica. The general assumption that it is a 50/50 hybrid is incorrect. Having been an integral part of Amsterdam for over 30 years, White Widow has not taken much time to establish itself on a global scale.

White Widow effects

Of course, White Widow would not have become legendary, even if its effect is legendary. At White Widow, a feeling of calm relaxation sets in immediately, followed by happy satisfaction. Creating a fantastic social smoking experience, White Widow is known for boosting creativity, invigorating your senses, and simply getting you to a better place for a longer period of time.

White Widow is not the kind of strain that leads to a couch-lock, even if its effect is very strong. This means that you do not have to sit around much, but can make contacts and make the most of every minute of your time. That's why White Widow is an integral part of the Amsterdam coffee shops - it promotes socializing and creates an energetic, friendly and beautifully relaxed atmosphere.

Medical use of White Widow

White Widow also enjoys a legendary status in medical cannabis travel as she is known for treating a variety of mood disorders and mental health problems. In addition, its uplifting and stimulating properties make it ideal for coping with daytime fatigue as well as periodic writhing blockages. If you need inspiration for just about anything, you only need White Widow. If you just want to relax and feel a little less tense after a busy day, White Widow has the right effect - without knocking you over.

Aroma and scent of White Widow

 As already mentioned, it is the overwhelming appearance of White Widow, for which the variety is perhaps the most famous. Nevertheless, it has a flavor and taste profile that further enhances its appeal. White Widow has a pronounced sweet scent which, when burned, is accompanied by a sharp undertone of spicy and earthy scents. The aroma delivers exactly what you expect - sweet and earthy tones to the same extent, often with a pine flavor and aftertaste not unlike that of caramelized sugar.

In terms of the effect and the taste profile, White Widow is an absolute sensation.

For those lucky enough to live in areas where cannabis cultivation is legal, White Widow will be an absolute gift. Even beginners who have absolutely no experience, will find that it requires minimal effort to achieve exceptional yields of exceptional quality. White Widow plants are very hardy and forgive most beginner mistakes, making them perfect for indoor growing.

Some varieties tend to reach a height of about 130 cm and are therefore suitable for small growth spaces. The perfect control of the climatic conditions is not absolutely necessary. However, you must provide the White Widow plants with enough high-quality light to give their best. The flowering time is on average 60 days. One square meter of acreage is sufficient to harvest around 400 grams of cannabis. Outdoors, you grow about 15% more generous income.

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