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Everything you need to know about the Haze marijuana strain can be found here.

When did Haze actually come about?

This strain first appeared in California, where a mild climate allowed growers to extend their outdoor season well into November. Here in California, the Haze brothers have perfected the original Haze. The original Haze cannabis contains genetics from Thailand, Mexico and Colombia that induce a strong Sativa hit. The high is celebratory and uplifting.

When did Haze break through?

All the different Haze strains made their breakthrough in the 80's and then in the 90's the Super Silver Haze from Greenouse Seeds hit the market.

Now there are so many Haze hybrids that you can hardly count them. They are perfect to smoke during the day, they are inspiring and creative and encourage you to socialize with friends or to party. It's just the perfect strain to smoke when you're up to something.

What is the taste and effect of Haze like?

Most Haze strains are spicy and earthy. One can smell the aroma of an entire forest in a single puff.

What is the medicinal effect of Haze ?

Medicinally, it has many uses. Being a truly energizing strain, it is used by many to treat mental illnesses such as depression, stress, and fatigue. The stimulating properties of this strain are extremely beneficial for those suffering from poor appetite, digestive issues, and inflammation.

What to consider when growing Haze ?

1. How do I fertilize?

Like all sativa strains, Haze strains are greedy for lots of fertilizer.

2. How do I properly circumcise?

Prunes Haze strains as early as the vegetative stage. So you keep them very compact.

3. Proper light spacing in Haze strains

If you work with LED light, 20 - 30 centimeters is optimal in the flowering phase.

4. What are the best growing practices?

Use a ScrOG (Screen of Green) system to keep branches at a reasonable height with a horizontal mesh. This multiplies the colas and maximizes space.

5. How long is the flowering period?

Some strains can flower for up to 16 weeks! This means you need to increase your flowering schedule to add even more days of watering and maintenance.

6. When should I flower Haze strains?

With all sativa-dominant strains, you should start the flowering phase with a maximum of 40 centimeters.

7. When is the right time to harvest Haze?

When almost all trichomes are milky to light brown under the microscope, you can start harvesting.

What Haze strains are there?

There are innumerable varieties. Just check out our range: Nevilles Haze, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia, Blue Dream, Purple Haze and all other strains. We've collected the best Haze seeds we could get our hands on at Seeds66. You can find all the different Haze strains in the section below. Due to the extremely long flowering time and incredible size of these plants, it quickly became apparent that indoor cannabis growers in Europe would need something different, and the first Haze hybrids then began to appear in the late 80s on. Today, Haze is ubiquitous and has spawned diverse species and strains.

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