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 Purple Haze goes through my head!...

Purple Haze goes through my head! Haze tribes have been synonymous with the hippie era since the 1970s, embodying the free thinking, creativity and psychedelics of the time. The Original Haze is a pure Sativa hybrid bred from a variety of South American and South Asian Landrace varieties. Its effect is known for its strong, cerebral, uplifting high. It was first bred in California (by a grower couple called "Haze Brothers"). Later, she was brought to Holland by no one other than Sam the Skunkman, and within a short time she was recognized as something very special.

Due to the extremely long flowering time and incredible size of these plants, it quickly became apparent that indoor cannabis breeders in Europe would need something different and the first Haze hybrids then appeared in the late '80s. Haze is omnipresent today and has produced many species and varieties. Just look at our assortment: Nevilles Haze, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia, Blue Dream and all other varieties. We collected the best haze seeds that fell into our hands at Seeds66. You will find all different Haze varieties in the section below.

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