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Sensi Seeds is a well-known cannabis seed supplier that has been on the market since 1985 and is highly regarded by many cannabis lovers. The company specializes in breeding high-quality cannabis seeds and offers both regular, autoflowering and feminized seeds. The wide range of products appeals to growers of all levels, but is also the right place to go for medicinal purposes through to the cultivation of useful plants.

What is Sensi Seeds?

The founder of the Sensi Seeds company has been dealing with the genetics of the cannabis plant since the 1970s and has decades of experience in breeding and developing the plant. Ben Dronkers is considered one of the best-known breeders in the world: his strains and the entire Sensi Seeds brand are already considered true classics in the cannabis seed industry.

In addition to Sensi Seeds, Dronkers opened other sister companies such as HempFlax, which developed special processing methods for the cultivation of hemp and are still considered the industry standard today. In addition, his company played a key role in the opening of the world's first cannabis museum and regularly organizes the so-called Cannabis Culture Awards together with it.

Mission statement

Sensi Seeds is committed to responsible consumption of cannabis and firmly believes that - consumed in moderation - it is an asset to many people's lives. Sensi Seeds is committed to increasing awareness and recognition of the cannabis plant, both medicinally and privately, and to ensure the plant's accessibility for future generations.

Therefore, it is in the spirit of the company to preserve genetic diversity and to pass on knowledge about the usefulness of the cannabis plant and its effects. However, the focus is always on education about responsible handling and the correct use of the miracle plant.

The high quality and reliability of the company is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that the Dutch government chose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis sold in pharmacies.

What do Sensi Seeds offer?

The gene pool of Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds has evolved over many years, resulting in new strains constantly being created. Accordingly, the company has an extremely wide range of products with a huge range of cannabis seeds for every purpose and taste.

In addition to a wide range of cannabis seeds in different variants - feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds - Sensi Seeds also offers various CBD products, vaporizers, hemp foods, cannabis flowers and merchandise.

The Difference of Different Seeds

Especially for beginners in growing, it can be confusing at first to distinguish between the different varieties and types of cannabis seeds and to find the individually suitable seeds.

Sensi Seeds has developed a special color coding system for this purpose, which can be found on each seed packet. This way, buyers can tell at a glance what type of seeds are included: regular cannabis seeds are identified by green packaging, feminized seeds are in purple packaging, and autoflowering seeds are available in gray or blue packaging.

Regular seeds

Regular cannabis seeds have either female or male chromosomes, each having a 50% chance of producing a female or male plant. Regular cannabis plants are not genetically modified - which means that they also occur in the wild in exactly this form.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds have been specifically engineered to give the greatest chance of producing a female plant, making them particularly suitable for growers who prefer growing female plants. The growth depends on the number of hours of light that the plant receives. If the hours of light outweigh the hours of darkness, the plants continue to grow indefinitely. They only move on to the flowering phase when the number of light and dark hours is balanced.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds, also known as autoflowering seeds, flower regardless of the light cycle. During a growth phase that lasts about three or four weeks, they start flowering on their own. This means that autoflowering seeds have a significantly shorter life cycle than other seeds and are particularly suitable for casual growers.

These are the locations where you will find Sensi Seeds

Originally founded in Amsterdam, Sensi Seeds has now made a name for itself internationally. In addition to online sales, there are now three physical shops where the seeds can be purchased. These can not only be found in the Netherlands, but also in Spain: in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona there is a Sensi Seeds shop where all your favorite strains can be purchased locally.

Sensi Seeds can be bought online from a wide variety of retailers around the world - as long as this is legal in the respective country. However, trading in cannabis seeds is legal in most countries and ordering from Sensi Seeds should not cause any problems.


Basically, Sensi Seeds pays attention to discreet, secure packaging that protects both the privacy of the customer and the seeds in the best possible way. In addition, all cannabis seeds are packed with two layers of protection, which ensure good safety and reflect the company's high quality standard.


The individual seeds are initially packed in a plastic blister, which scores with an info card on which important information and properties of the seeds are noted. To further protect the seeds, there is another box around the blister packs, which is securely sealed. In this way, the seeds can withstand long transport routes without being damaged by light, moisture or temperature.

Important: once the boxes have been opened, they cannot be fully resealed. Therefore, you should consider in advance how you can store opened seed packages safely and securely so that the seeds are not damaged until sowing.

What sizes are the seeds delivered in?

Sensi Seeds supplies seeds in different packaging sizes, so that the right product can be found for every need: the seed packets are available with three, five or ten seeds per pack. To meet the needs of experienced growers with larger growing areas, some seeds are also offered in 25-piece packs.

The best varieties at a glance

Since the company was founded long ago, Sensi Seeds has always been characterized by an innovative and creative way of working. The product range expands every year to include other high-quality, high-yielding varieties that are popular around the world.

In addition to the popular classics, Sensi Seeds also offers more exotic strains with special genetic traits. These include varieties such as Jamaican Pearl and Hawaiian Snow, among others.

Sensi Seeds is particularly famous for some special strains that the company has perfected, earning acclaim from many critics. Below, the most famous strains from Sensi Seeds are presented in more Detail.

Feminized Seeds

  • Black Domina: This cannabis plant is characterized by short stature but is by no means inferior in terms of yield. In good conditions, this is extremely good and offers a special high that connoisseurs love and appreciate.

  • Shiva Skunk: In addition to its extremely good quality, this variety is characterized above all by its easy-care cultivation. This is why she is particularly popular with home growers. It convinces with a fresh citrus taste and is particularly stimulating for body and mind.

  • Sensi Skunk: This strain also scores points for being easy and quick to grow, making it one of the company's most popular strains for good reason. She is also characterized by a pleasant citrus note and is very popular with both professional growers and beginners.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering strains are particularly popular with occasional growers because they are extremely easy to care for and grow. Again, Sensi Seeds offers some popular classics that will be appreciated by beginners and pros alike:

  • Skunk #1 Auto: This strain is characterized by a growing time of 45 days, after which the plant will bear vigorous buds. The good taste is very popular for an intense high.

  • Hindu Kush Auto: This strain also has a short flowering time of 45 to 50 days and also offers a very relaxing high. Fresh pine aromas provide an aromatic taste and make the variety particularly popular with connoisseurs.

  • Early Skunk Auto: This strain stands out for its extremely large yields and its strong citrus aroma. Again, the growing time is on the low end - the high, on the other hand, is decidedly cerebral.

FAQ section

Why doesn't Sensi Seeds deliver to Germany anymore?

The current legal situation makes it difficult for Sensi Seeds to deliver cannabis seeds directly to Germany. However, these regulations may change soon.

It is advisable to order Sensi Seeds in another European country, for example from retailers like Seeds66. Basically, before ordering, you should find out more about the country-specific regulations to be on the safe side.

Is it safe to order from Sensi Seeds?

In principle, it is safe to order Sensi Seeds seeds in almost every European country. The company has been supplying high quality cannabis seeds and consistently good quality for many years. However, when ordering the seeds, you should always check whether shipping to the respective country is really legal - in Germany, for example, there are still some restrictions that make it difficult to buy Sensi Seeds.

Is ordering cannabis seeds a criminal offence?

Ordering cannabis seeds in Austria is absolutely legal. Due to the free movement of goods within the EU, cannabis seeds can be shipped to almost every EU country. Before you buy, however, you should first find out about the country-specific regulations to be on the safe side.

What are the best cannabis seeds?

The quality of cannabis seeds is crucial if the results and yields are to be right. The world-famous and popular seed banks such as Sensi Seeds are generally recommended. These seedbanks have been supplying high quality seeds for many years, which has made them a name and established in the market all over the world.

Conclusion - enjoyment in the large assortment

Sensi Seeds is one of the most experienced and oldest cannabis breeding companies in the world. This can be seen in the high quality and genetic diversity of the varieties, which are not only popular for home cultivation, but also for medicinal use. The variety of varieties ranges from popular classics to exotic varieties with special tastes. In addition to regular cannabis seeds, Sensi Seeds also offers feminized and autoflowering seeds.

With the large range of cannabis seeds, Sensi Seeds offers the right products for all areas of application: Whether for beginners or experienced growers as well as for medical purposes, suitable products can be found.

It becomes clear: Sensi Seeds is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high quality cannabis seeds. With the wide range and years of experience in cannabis breeding, you can be sure that you will find the best possible quality at Sensi Seeds.