Resin Seeds

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Resin Seeds is a Spanish-based seed bank founded in 2008 by well-known cannabis breeder Jaime together with a group of friends. The seed bank is known for its high-quality feminized and regular cannabis seeds that come from careful breeding of unique genetics.

Resin Seeds specializes in developing strains rich in cannabinoids, especially THC and CBD. These include well-known strains such as the Cannatonic, the Dieseltonic and the Hammershark, all of which are known for their high CBD levels.

The seed bank places great emphasis on selecting genetics that have high potency and excellent effects. Care is also taken to ensure that the plants are resistant to pests and diseases and can be grown in different climates.

Another feature of Resin Seeds is their collaboration with the CBD Crew, a group of growers and patients who specialize in developing medical cannabis strains. Together, they have developed some of the most well-known CBD-rich strains such as CBD Medi Haze and Sour Diesel CBD.

Resin Seeds is also known for their innovative breeding techniques aimed at improving the quality and yield of their seeds. These include techniques such as reverse genetics, where the sexes of the plants can be targeted.

Resin Seeds also has a strong presence in the cannabis community, regularly participating in various events and trade shows. They are known for their excellent customer support and ensure that their customers receive their orders quickly and discreetly.

Overall, Resin Seeds has a good reputation in the cannabis community and is appreciated by many growers and enthusiasts for their high-quality strains and innovative breeding techniques.

We have the best 5 strains from Resin Seeds in stock for you. The Bubblicious, Critical Haze, L.A. Ultra, Sour P and the Yummy. With us you can buy marijuana seeds from Resin Seeds anonymously.