Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds thrive regardless of light and dark periods and produce strong, resilient plants. Unlike photoperiod, regular and feminized seeds, which require a specific light cycle depending on the growth phase, autoflowering seeds start to form flowers on their own after a certain growth period.

Seeds66 offers a wide selection of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds that will convince beginners and experienced growers alike.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are also known as "autoflowerers" or "autofems" and are comparatively new to the cannabis market. Nevertheless, they are already experiencing great popularity around the world, as their cultivation brings with it some distinct advantages.

Autoflowering seeds have been bred using special genetic traits to flower independently of the light cycle. While photoperiod plants need a special cycle of light and dark hours to develop flowers, autoflowers develop them all by themselves. So from seed to harvest, no intervention is required in terms of lighting, making the plants perfect for novice growers as well.

Autoflowers grow anywhere

Autoflowering plants typically grow into small, compact plants and are easy and uncomplicated to grow. They are resistant to pests and also diseases, plus their compact size and resistance to temperature fluctuations make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Cultivation is particularly fast

Autoflowering plants not only flower on their own, but also have a much shorter life cycle overall than photoperiod cannabis plants. The plants only reach small sizes of up to 100 centimeters. They therefore require less time for the entire growth phase and have a short flowering phase of only a few weeks. Autoflowering plants can thus also be harvested several times per season.

The early harvest time for indoor growing is one of the many reasons why growers choose autoflowering seeds. However, autoflowering seeds are also much faster when grown outdoors - they can be harvested as early as mid-summer instead of in the fall.

Are the seeds feminized?

All autoflowering seeds are feminized to maximize ease and yield of cultivation. Through feminization, the seeds produce exclusively female plants, which have strong and THC-rich buds.

Also, with feminized seeds, while feminized photoperiod strains require a change in light cycle, feminized autoflowering cannabis does not.

Even though many of the autoflowering seeds are feminized, regular automatic seeds are also available for purchase. These are especially interesting for experimental growers who want to use autoflowers to breed new genetics and create new strains.

Buying autoflowering seeds - advantages

Autoflowering seeds have the reputation of being the fastest and easiest seeds to grow cannabis for a reason. They offer a number of advantages in cultivation that make them ideal for novice growers. However, they are also loved and appreciated by casual growers or experts due to their special characteristics.

Autoflowers seeds are flexible, adaptable and uncomplicated. The seeds can be placed directly into a growing container and left in this container until harvest. All that is needed is water and some nutrients if needed to end up with a satisfactory yield. Many beginners rave about having achieved excellent results already with the first use of autoflowering seeds.

The yield

Autoflowering seeds are forgiving of some beginner's mistakes in cultivation and, thanks to their robustness, defy possible neglect or unsteady environmental conditions. Compared to photoperiod strains, they are extremely resistant to diseases, pests and even fluctuating temperatures.

They also have lower nutrient requirements than other cannabis plants and can easily go through their life cycle with just a normal, high quality soil. This not only saves costs for nutrients and compost, but also means much less maintenance.

Autoflowering seeds are also suitable for smaller spaces, as they reach a size of just 60 to 120 centimeters. Even growers with limited space have the chance to achieve satisfactory yields within a few weeks.

On average, it takes just 8 weeks for even flowering plants to be ready for harvest. Therefore, it is also possible for growers to get several harvests per growing season.

High THC content

Autoflowering seeds are bred with the best genetics and are often derived from famous photoperiod strains - like Skunk and OG Kush. By crossing the highest quality cannabis strains, autoflowering strains have a comparatively high THC content that will satisfy growers of any level. The best autoflowering strains achieve yields on the same quality level as feminized photoperiod seeds - high-quality plants can reach THC levels of over 25%.

Variety of strains

Autoflowering plants offer the opportunity to experience premium aromas and flavors of the most popular and well-known strains - with much faster and easier cultivation. Experts in breeding have now created autoflowering varieties that, when smoke-tested, are virtually indistinguishable in taste from the original photoperiod varieties.

However, due to the variety of different autoflowering seeds, growers can also choose THC-free autoflowering seeds or those with high CBD content. This way, the right strain is available for every purpose.

With all the advantages that autoflowering seeds bring, however, the disadvantages should not be ignored: Autoflowers produce amazingly good yields due to their small size and short growth phase, but still - in absolute terms - these cannot be compared to those of feminized photoperiod cannabis plants.

How are the seeds produced?

Autoflowering cannabis strains are usually hybrid varieties that carry both indica and sativa traits in their genetics. In addition, there is the special Ruderalis genetics, which gives the plants the special ability to flower on their own.

Ruderalis originates from the regions around Siberia, which have an extremely short summer period. The plants growing there have therefore developed abilities to follow their internal clock instead of the sun and to start the flowering phase independently of the incidence of light.

By combining sativa and indica varieties with ruderalis, breeders have been able to combine the positive characteristics of these genetic families and transfer the special autoflowering ability to the offspring.

How to grow autoflowering seeds

Growing autoflowering seeds is an easy way to grow cannabis - without sacrificing quality and effect. The combination of speed, simplicity and top quality yields is appreciated by many growers around the world.

Before growing, the first thing to do is to choose the right automatic seeds. In the meantime, almost all known photoperiod seeds are also available as autoflowering seeds, so that basically any desired variety can also be grown in the automatic form.

You should choose according to your individual preferences: Some growers prefer a high growth rate, while others prefer a special size or effect.

Growing tips for Autoflowers

To successfully get the plants to grow, a high-quality soil should be selected. For autoflowering seeds, a light and airy substrate is sufficient, which does not need to contain too many nutrients. The seeds will also thrive in relatively small containers and do not necessarily need to be made to germinate before planting.

The following tips can help take growing autoflower seeds to an even higher level.

  • Select appropriate seeds: Poor genetics produce poor results. Therefore, always choose seeds that have a solid genetic lineage and have been bred by experienced seed banks.

  • A lot of daylight: Even though autoflowering seeds thrive in all light conditions, about 20 hours of light per day is ideal to achieve optimal results. LED lighting can also be used to maximize yields.

  • Avoid repotting: To obtain the best possible yields, environmental conditions should be kept as constant as possible so that the plant can take full advantage of its growing season. Therefore, to avoid disturbances, frequent repotting should be avoided.

  • Use air-permeable containers: A well-ventilated root system is beneficial for autoflower plants to thrive. Growers who use felt grow bags or airpots for growing therefore achieve the best results. Some coconut in the soil mix can also provide better aeration.

  • Avoid overwatering: Too much watering can severely damage a plant's growth, lead to root rot, and slow the plant's development.

  • Choose location wisely: When growing autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors, it is best to choose a location that guarantees a little ventilation. However, due to the small size of the plant, the plants can thrive just about anywhere.

  • Plant training: Autoflowering seeds have robust genetics that usually survive plant training of any kind well.

Where can the seeds be grown?

Autoflowering seeds grow in all kinds of environments due to their robustness and do not have any special environmental requirements. However, for maximum yields and the shortest possible growing time, it makes sense to consider the following growing conditions.


Growing autoflowering plants indoors brings the advantage that the grower has maximum control over external factors such as heat, light and water. However, since autoflowering plants are not particularly demanding in their conditions, the light in the grow room can be on between 18 and 24 hours, depending on the needs of the other plants growing there.

Most growers grow autoflowering plants with around 20 hours of daylight per day, but even a shorter amount of light during the day does not stop autoflowering plants from thriving.

Even though autoflowering cannabis is robust, there are optimal conditions under which they thrive best:

  • A temperature of 21 degrees Celsius is helpful for ideal growth.
  • The humidity during the growth phase should be around 50% to 60%.
  • During flowering, a humidity of 40% is ideal.

When growing autoflowering seeds, less is more. Autoflowers require about half the nutrients that photoperiod plants require. Usually, a good substrate is sufficient for the short growing period.

When it comes to water, autoflowering seeds prefer a pH of 6 to 7. They require significantly less water overall than photoperiod plants because they have a much smaller root system.


Autoflowering seeds can also be grown successfully in colder climates, as they are resistant to low temperatures. Therefore, autoflowers can be grown outdoors at virtually any time of year. While photoperiod plants follow the seasons, autoflowering plants can be sown from March to August - and always with a satisfactory harvest, provided the plants are not exposed to too much frost.

Tip: Even if the plants themselves are undemanding, it's worth testing different locations and finding out in which places autoflowers perform best.


What are the best Automatic seeds?

Some of the best-selling varieties include Lemon Haze Auto, Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, Tripple X Auto, Critical Fast Bud Auto, Sunshine LSD Auto and Bubble G Auto. They offer fast and uncomplicated cultivation, with a significantly shortened flowering time and satisfying yields. Since autoflowering seeds are robust and resistant to fluctuating environmental conditions, the strains can also thrive in colder climates.

How much yield does an autoflowering produce?

How much yield an autoflowering plant will produce depends on both the strain and the growing conditions. As a rule, the yield of autoflowers is between 50 and 250 grams per plant. Even though this result is significantly lower than the yields of a photoperiod cannabis plant in absolute terms, the harvest is still highly satisfactory in relation to the growing time and plant size.

When should you plant an autoflowering?

Autoflowers can be grown almost all year round, as they flower regardless of light levels and are robust to temperature fluctuations. Outdoors, cannabis seeds can be sown from March to August, indoors all year round. Due to the short flowering period, even several harvests per season are possible.

Conclusion: Buy Autoflowering cannabis seeds at Seeds66

Autoflowering seeds are especially popular with beginners, but also with growers of any other level due to their numerous advantages. The extremely short flowering time and their resistance to external influences such as temperature fluctuations and diseases make their cultivation a breeze - yet you don't have to do without good yields.

Not only do Autoflowers require significantly less attention and care than conventional seeds, they can also grow in a wide variety of environments - outdoors as well as indoors - making them suitable for more northern climates.

Seeds66 offers a wide selection of the highest quality autoflower genetics, so every grower can find a strain that suits their individual Needs.