KC Brains

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With more than 30 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, K.C. Brains produces the highest quality cannabis seeds available on the market. With several awards and world famous strains, K.C. Brains is an undeniable player in the development of cannabis genetics. Not only in Holland, but far beyond its borders. K.C. has been traveling the world since 1979. He exchanges his seeds and knowledge with like-minded people, including his hippie friends from the 60's in Holland.

Famous strains are the Northern Light Special, the KC36, the Mango, Spontanica, and the Leda Uno which already won the High Life Cannabis Cup in 1998. K.C. constantly monitors the germination rate, potency and growth of its cannabis plants very closely. K.C. Brains is not a flashy seed bank, it simply stands out for the super quality it delivers and is a reliable partner for cannabis lovers. They guarantee the same level of quality in all their strains. 

KC Brains has monster cannabis plants in their program. Our personal tip is Cristal Limit, which has already won several awards. With us you can order cannabis seeds from KC Brains anonymously.