Cheese Strains

Cheese cannabis includes special strains that are considered a tasty treat and produce an exhilarating, euphoric effect. Cheese is considered one of the most distinctive cannabis strains in this regard, with a unique taste, aroma and effect. What characteristics these strains have and what advantages they bring with them, this article shows.

Cheese Cannabis: Intense flavor and optimal enjoyment

Cheese cannabis includes special strains that are considered a tasty treat and produce an exhilarating, euphoric effect. Cheese is considered one of the most distinctive cannabis strains in this regard, with a unique taste, aroma and effect. What characteristics these strains have and what advantages they bring with them, this article shows.

Taste and effect of Cheese cannabis

The taste of Cheese is somewhat reminiscent of the taste of Skunk varieties, as it is derived from them. The name already reveals that Cheese strains usually have a strong cheese smell, which is somewhat reminiscent of French cheese treats.

Cheese strains are a hybrid of an Afghani as well as a South American sativa and accordingly diverse in their effects. Besides stress relief and relaxation, the strains also offer feelings of euphoria and enlightening thoughts that make things seem from a more positive perspective.

In terms of cultivation, the varieties are suitable for beginners as well as experienced growers. They have good resistance to pests and other external influences and therefore thrive well in outdoor cultivation. There, with the optimal care, they reach heights reminiscent of a real tree.

A Cheese plant grows best in warm and sunny conditions. Outdoors, the cannabis strains are ready for harvest around mid-October, in the grow room Cheese has a flowering time of about 8 weeks. Cheese produces medium yields compared to other strains.

The yield depends on various factors such as the variety, the experience of the grower and also the environmental conditions and the health of the plant. In general, Cheese varieties can yield around 200 to 500 grams per plant. The flowers have an average THC content of 18% to 20%.

The smell of growing Cheese cannabis

The cultivation of Cheese Cannabis brings with it some intense smells. The grow room is reminiscent of an intense smelling cheese factory. The pungent and sour aroma that constantly hangs in the air should therefore definitely be controlled with a carbon filter.

The history of Cheese strains

The increased breeding of cannabis in recent decades has led to a huge variety of different strains and variations. Kush strains, for example, are famous for their potent effects, while Haze strains produce a special aroma and high feeling.

Cannabis lovers, however, often look for special strains with unique flavor profiles. For many gourmets, the discovery of the Cheese strain was therefore a revelation: the spicy, complex flavor profile makes many connoisseurs' mouths water.

The Cheese variety was discovered in the United Kingdom in the late nineties as an outlier of the Skunk #1 variety. As a phenotype that was clearly distinct from the other Skunk varieties, the plant was isolated and an entirely new variety was bred. The original phenotype thus became the mother of a huge variety of exceptionally aromatic strains and is now one of the top 10 cannabis strains ever in many places around the world.

Nowadays, there are many different Cheese variations, all of which can be traced back to the genetics of the original Cheese strain. Some Cheese varieties offer a spicy, distinctive aroma, while others are known for a more floral, sweet and fruity aroma.

What sets a cheese variety apart?

All Cheese varieties have one thing in common: They possess special terpenes, which in their particular composition produce the intense, distinctive odor. The smell of octanoic acid, for example, is somewhat rancid and mixes with the fruity-sweet notes of methyl tert-butyl ether and ethyl methyl acetic acid. Furthermore, Cheese contains the strong-smelling hexanoic acid as well as methyl mercaptan, which is reminiscent of the smell of cabbage.

One thing is clear - the combination of these unusual flavors is definitely not for everyone's taste. Cheese lovers will enjoy the special aroma, while other cannabis enthusiasts will give the strain a wide berth. However, as with cheese, there are variations among the Cheese cannabis varieties that are somewhat milder in smell and taste.

In addition to the intrusive, special taste, Cheese varieties are also known for their special euphoric and relaxing effects. So the popularity of the variety is not based solely on its stand-out flavor, but also on its effect.

Where do the varieties come from?

As mentioned earlier, Cheese varieties are descended from the classic Skunk #1. Skunk strains were popular with Dutch growers mainly because of their short growth phase and flowering time - however, they often had to deal with a particularly intense smell.

After a packet of Skunk seeds found its way to the UK, a grower there discovered the special cheese aroma in combination with an Afghani variety. He cloned the plant and subsequently created the Cheese variety, which successfully spread throughout the UK and gained aficionados across the country. Especially through alternative communes and festivals of the left scene, the variety experienced a rapid spread and a steadily increasing demand.

Nowadays, Cheese varieties can be bought not only in Great Britain, but all over the world. The intense aroma and its strong effect are known by lovers in every country and ensures that also constantly new variations of the Cheese variety are created.

Cheese is a real all-rounder

But why is the stinky cheese flavor so popular among cannabis growers? At first glance, the active ingredients and the flavor of the product don't sound very inviting. However, the characteristic sour cheese flavor leaves a long aftertaste that is reminiscent of cheddar and offers a unique, tangy experience. The fruity, sweet undertone that comes with a cheddar is also evident in Cheese's aftertaste.

In addition to its unique flavor, however, the Cheese family is also known for its special effects and benefits. In recreational use, Cheese is often the variety of choice primarily because of its controllable, smooth and uplifting intoxication. Creativity can also be stimulated by the consumption of Cheese. Many people report that Cheese cannabis makes them feel less inhibited in social interactions, making the strains ideal for making new connections. In addition to all the positive properties, the plant also brings great medicinal benefits.

So Cheese cannabis not only includes the most famous strains ever discovered in the cannabis family, but they also bring some benefits. Besides the unique aroma and taste, Cheese strains also impress with their consistent reliability. The simultaneously relaxing and happiness-inducing high is gentle yet compelling enough to make the cannabis strains famous.

The medicinal benefits of Cheese cannabis

Cheese strains are used for medicinal purposes all over the world, and are used as a treatment supplement for a wide variety of ailments. For example, the relaxing effects of Cheese strains are especially popular for relieving stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions like depression. Their mood-lifting, calming effects can also be used to treat insomnia, migraines, PMS and ADHD.

Physical ailments such as joint pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis can also benefit from Cheese use. Overall, the use of Cheese is recommended for any type of pain, inflammation and also muscle spasms.

Important: Cheese strains contain a comparatively high THC content of up to 20%. For people who are smoking cannabis for the first time, it is therefore not recommended to start with Cheese right at the beginning. It makes sense to increase the dose of THC slowly and avoid any side effects such as red eyes, dizziness and a dry mouth. However, usually these effects, when they occur, are very mild and pass quickly.


What is Franco's Lemon Cheese?

At Seeds66, there are over 40 different Cheese strains in the range, covering every taste and suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The cannabis strain Franco's Lemon Cheese available at Seeds66 is a genetic hybrid of the popular cannabis strains Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Haze by breeder Franco Loja.

Franco's Lemon Cheese is 60% sativa-dominant and produces a medium to large plant that has long branches. The strain scores with its high yields of up to 1000 grams per square meter. It prefers warm or temperate growing areas with plenty of sun.
The smell of the plant can be described as slightly lemony, while the taste is reminiscent of cheese. The high THC content of 21.58% brings an exceptionally uplifting and euphoric effect, which is ideal for parties or social gatherings. In the medical field, the plant is used for pain relief and appetite stimulation.

What is Triple Cheese?

Triple Cheese is an indica strain that was created by crossing the famous Old Cheese and Blue Cheese strains. It is indica-dominant and produces dense buds that have an intense flavor reminiscent of spicy cheese and a bit of blueberry.

The plant grows to about 90 to 1oo centimeters tall and is well suited for both indoor and outdoor growing - although it does not survive long periods of cold weather very well. After about 50 days, the flower of Triple Cheese is ready for harvest. It has a high THC content of 22% and is thus known for its strong effects in addition to its unique taste.


Cheese cannabis is famous for its typical, intense cheese-tasting aroma and is popular all over the world. The variety of different Cheese strains allows for a suitable aroma for every user and furthermore also convinces with an exceptionally uplifting effect. This is also frequently used for therapeutic purposes and is thus used, for example, for the treatment of mental illnesses and for pain relief.