Is it legal to buy hemp seeds?

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Is it legal to buy hemp seeds? - Is it legal to buy hemp seeds?

The purchase of cannabis seeds is a legally complicated issue in Germany and many other countries. The legality depends on various factors, such as the THC content of the seeds, the intended use and the specific laws of the country.

In this blog post, I would like to shed some light on the subject and answer the most important questions.

Generally legal:

    Industrial hemp seeds: In most countries, the purchase of hemp seeds is legal if the THC content of the seeds is below a certain level (usually 0.2%). These seeds are used for the production of industrial hemp products such as textiles, food supplements and cosmetics.
    Certified varieties: In some countries, the purchase of hemp seeds is only legal if the seeds come from a certified variety.


    Country-specific laws: The specific laws and regulations regarding the purchase of hemp seeds vary greatly from country to country. It is important to find out the exact regulations in your country before purchasing.
    Intended use: In some countries, buying hemp seeds is only legal if you can provide proof of intended use for permitted purposes (e.g. industrial processing, research).
    THC content: The THC content of the seeds must not exceed the legal limit.

Countries with legal purchase of hemp seeds (with restrictions):

Europe: Most EU countries

  •     Belgium
  •     Bulgaria
  •     Bulgaria Denmark
  •     Germany, Estonia
  •     Estonia
  •     Finland
  •     Finland France
  •     France Greece
  •     Ireland
  •     Italy
  •     Croatia
  •     Latvia
  •     Liechtenstein
  •     Lithuania
  •     Luxembourg
  •     Malta
  •     Netherlands
  •     Austria
  •     Poland
  •     Portugal
  •     Romania
  •     Sweden
  •     Slovakia
  •     Slovenia
  •     Spain, Czech Republic
  •     Czech Republic
  •     Hungary
  •     Cyprus

The trade in hemp seeds is permitted in almost every European country. However, the planting of hemp seeds is prohibited in most countries. In Austria, hemp seeds may be planted and germinated. Possession of marijuana plants is legal as long as the plant does not flower. The THC only develops during flowering. The hemp plants grown from the seeds could certainly be used to make hemp tea. The production process is simple. Plants are grown from the marijuana seeds and the leaves are harvested. As long as they are not flowering, possession of both the seeds and the hemp plants is completely legal in Austria. Hemp tea can not only be grown and produced from marijuana seeds, but can also be purchased in stores. It has a calming and balancing effect and contains virtually no THC (less than 0.2%).

Outside the EU:

  •     North America: Canada (with the exception of Quebec), USA (with the exception of some states)
  •     South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay
  •     Africa: Morocco, South Africa
  •     Asia: Israel, Japan
  •     Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Countries with restrictive laws:

  •     China, Russia, Thailand

The situation in Germany

The purchase of cannabis seeds in Germany is legally complicated and not uniformly regulated. There are several important points to consider:


    The cultivation of cannabis plants will be permitted in 2024
    Cannabis seeds are to be sold to members via CSC in 2024
    Buying cannabis seeds abroad is a gray area.


    Hemp seeds may already be sold now if
        they are intended for commercial or scientific purposes and
        the THC content is below 0.2%.
        Licenses: Anyone who has a license for the cultivation of industrial hemp may also buy hemp seeds.
        Certified varieties: In some cases, it may be possible for private individuals to purchase certified varieties from the EU catalog of varieties, but this is associated with high bureaucratic hurdles.


    For most private individuals in Germany, the purchase of cannabis seeds is still illegal.
    There is a high risk of legal consequences.
    Be sure to find out about the latest laws and regulations before you buy cannabis seeds.


    Find out about the specific laws and regulations in your country before buying cannabis seeds.
    Only buy cannabis seeds from reputable and licensed sellers.
    Pay attention to the THC content of the seeds and the permitted uses.

In our hemp seed store you can buy absolutely legal hemp seeds. We ship our hemp seeds to all parts of the world. The trade, sale and shipment of hemp seeds is completely legal in Austria. However, please find out beforehand whether the purchase of cannabis seeds is legal in your country. The legal situation varies from country to country around the world.

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