Super Lemon Haze - The sativa with citrus power

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Super Lemon Haze - The sativa with citrus power - Super Lemon Haze - the lemony sativa strain

Super Lemon Haze is a legendary sativa strain known for its lemony-fresh flavour and powerful, uplifting effect. This cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze ignites a firework of energy and creativity, coupled with a deep sense of relaxation and euphoria.

In this blog post, we explore the world of Super Lemon Haze and dive into the following topics:

  •     The history and origin of the strain
  •     Appearance and odour
  •     The effect of Super Lemon Haze: a lemony high
  •     Medicinal uses of Super Lemon Haze
  •     Super Lemon Haze vs. Amnesia Haze: a comparison of two legends
  •     Personal experience reports and anecdotes

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis lover or a novice looking to learn more about Super Lemon Haze, this blog post is for you.

Join us on a journey through the lemony-green world of Super Lemon Haze and discover the power of this legendary sativa strain!

The history and origin of the strain

The birth of a legend:

  •     Super Lemon Haze was created in the late 1990s by legendary breeder Franco Loja of Greenhouse Seeds in Amsterdam.
  •     It is a cross between two award-winning strains: Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.
  •     Lemon Skunk contributes the lemony flavour and uplifting effect, while Super Silver Haze is responsible for the potency and long flowering time.

Appearance and odour

Super Lemon Haze plants are up to 2 metres tall. The leaves are typical of sativa and are a rich green colour. It has bright orange-coloured pistils and a layer of sticky resin crystals. Super Lemon Haze is known for its lemon scent and flavour, which is also described as lime, sour, sweet, citrus, spicy, green, earthy, pine and oaky.

The scent of Super Lemon Haze quickly fills an entire room. It is certainly the first thing you will notice about this strain. As soon as you take a puff, you will literally taste the power that comes from this strain. This lemon odour is said to be caused by D-limonones, the same chemical in lemons that creates this smell.

The effect of Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its powerful, uplifting yet relaxing effect. The strain is popular for its lemony-fresh scent and its wide range of applications. This strain has been worked on for years. It has won several Cannabis Cups, making it one of the most exciting and popular sativas around. It combines Haze and Skunk genetics, taking into account the best aspects of each genetic line. It is most popular on the west coast of the United States and Canada.

It is a strong sativa strain with low CBD levels. However, it is often used as a medicinal strain as it can revitalise the mind and treat issues such as depression and anxiety. However, the strong sativa kick can trigger anxiety and paranoia in those prone to these issues. Recreationally, this sativa is enjoyed as a little "kick", like a good cup of strong coffee. It boosts creativity and leaves you feeling satisfied and inspired. Lemon Haze is a favourite of the artistic community.

The effect in detail:

  •     Physical: Super Lemon Haze creates a pleasant feeling of relaxation and lightness. It can relieve muscle pain and promote blood circulation.
  •     Mental: The effect is highly cerebral and euphoric. Super Lemon Haze can boost creativity and focus while reducing anxiety and stress.
  •     Mood: The strain produces a happy and upbeat feeling. It can counteract depression and mood swings.

Super Lemon Haze is ideal for the following activities:

  •     Creative tasks: The stimulating effect can help you focus and come up with new ideas.
  •     Social activities: The euphoric effect can help you connect with other people and have fun.
  •     Relaxation: The relaxing effect can help you to reduce stress and unwind.


The effects of Super Lemon Haze can vary depending on the dosage.

  •     Low dosage: Can lead to a feeling of relaxation and euphoria.
  •     Medium dosage: Can promote creativity and focus.
  •     High dosage: Can lead to a strong cerebral effect.

It is important to start with a small dose and wait to see the effects before consuming more.

Possible side effects:

  •     Dry eyes and mouth
  •     Headache
  •     Paranoia (at high doses)

Super Lemon Haze is a potent strain with a high THC content. It is important to consume the strain responsibly and to respect individual limits.

Medicinal uses of Super Lemon Haze

Medicinal cannabis from Super Lemon Haze has a THC content of up to 22 per cent. This makes it an effective painkiller. It can combat musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, arthritis, sciatica, neck pain, muscle cramps and muscle spasms. It can help with migraine headaches. Lemon Haze can be a fun way to relieve acute pain from sprains and minor scrapes and bruises, either by ingesting it or by applying it to the affected area.

Super Lemon Haze medical marijuana can also help with neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is pain caused by damage to the nerves that send signals to the spinal cord and brain throughout the body. Sometimes, when there is no damage to the body, pain signals are sent because the nerves themselves are damaged. This is neuropathic pain, and Lemon Haze marijuana can help block these misdirected pain signals in such conditions as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and shingles in a subsequent outbreak of herpes zoster. It can also help relieve pain from peripheral neuropathy, which can be a complication of diabetes. This pain may appear as burning, itching or tingling pain.

Super Lemon Haze marijuana can treat nausea. Nausea can be caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, dysautonomia, or can occur for no apparent reason. Medical cannabis can provide an administration option that is especially helpful for people who suffer from severe nausea and therefore cannot swallow anything. These people may prefer to smoke or vaporise the medical marijuana to feel the full effects.

Super Lemon Haze can be used to improve appetite. It starts with the sweet lemon flavour that the user is sure to enjoy. It will then lead to an eating attack that will allow the user to eat a proper diet to regain the weight that has been lost due to illness. You will have a healthy and enjoyable time eating your fill after using this medicine to increase appetite.

Although Super Lemon Haze is a sativa with high THC levels, it still has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is involved in many diseases from heart disease to diabetes and depression. Anti-inflammatories help to reduce swelling and inflammation and protect internal organs from damage. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis have only recently been discovered and studied, but scientists are impressed and the initial results are promising. The anti-inflammatory effects may help medical cannabis to be effective for certain types of seizures as well as conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

The most important areas of application summarised:

  •     Pain: Super Lemon Haze can help relieve chronic pain, neuropathic pain and cancer pain.
  •     Nausea and vomiting: The strain can relieve nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, AIDS and other conditions.
  •     Loss of appetite: Super Lemon Haze can stimulate appetite and help with weight gain in people with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other illnesses.
  •     Stress and Anxiety: The strain can help with stress, anxiety and depression.
  •     Sleep disorders: Super Lemon Haze can help with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

It is important to note that the medicinal uses of Super Lemon Haze have not yet been fully researched. Further studies are needed to prove the efficacy and safety of the strain for various conditions.

Please talk to your doctor before using Super Lemon Haze for medicinal purposes. Your doctor can help you determine if the strain is suitable for you and can recommend the correct dosage.

In addition to the above indications, Super Lemon Haze is also used to relieve the following symptoms:

  •     Headaches
  •     migraine
  •     epilepsy
  •     multiple sclerosis
  •     Parkinson's disease
  •     Alzheimer's disease

Super Lemon Haze vs. Amnesia Haze: a comparison of two legends

Super Lemon Haze and Amnesia Haze are two of the most popular and sought-after cannabis strains in the world. Both strains are known for their powerful effect, high THC content and lemony-fresh flavour.

Here is a comparison of the two strains:

Super Lemon Haze:

    Sativa-dominant hybrid
    THC content: 18-25%
    Flavour: Lemon, lime, grapefruit
    Effect: Euphoric, uplifting, creative, relaxing
    Flowering time: 9-11 weeks

Amnesia Haze:

    Sativa-dominant hybrid
    THC content: 20-25%
    Flavour: Lemon, orange, grapefruit
    Effect: Euphoric, uplifting, energetic, focused
    Flowering time: 9-11 weeks


  •     Both strains are sativa-dominant and have a high THC content.
  •     Both strains have a lemony-fresh aroma and flavour.
  •     Both strains have a long flowering time of 9-11 weeks.


  •     Super Lemon Haze has a slightly sweeter flavour and a slightly more relaxing effect than Amnesia Haze.
  •     Amnesia Haze has a slightly earthier flavour and a slightly more energetic and focused effect than Super Lemon Haze.

Which strain is right for you?

The choice between Super Lemon Haze and Amnesia Haze depends on your individual needs and preferences.

  •     Super Lemon Haze is a good choice if you are looking for a strain that euphorises, uplifts and relaxes you at the same time.
  •     Amnesia Haze is a good choice if you are looking for a strain that will leave you energised, focused and creative.

No matter which strain you choose, you will be rewarded with a powerful and lemony-fresh experience.

Personal testimonials and anecdotes


  •     "Super Lemon Haze is my absolute favourite for the day. It makes me happy, energised and creative. I can concentrate better afterwards and get my tasks done." - Sarah, 28 years old
  •     "I love the lemony flavour of Super Lemon Haze. It's like a fresh kick that sweetens my day. Perfect for a walk in nature or a cosy evening with friends." - Max, 32 years old
  •     "Super Lemon Haze helps me with my anxiety and depression. It lifts my mood and energises me without overwhelming me." - Anna, 40 years old


  •     "I once smoked Super Lemon Haze before going to a concert. The music sounded incredible and I had so much energy that I could dance all night."
  •     "Super Lemon Haze is how I met my best friend. We were talking at a party and we were both totally high. We laughed so much and had so much fun that we became instant friends."
  •     "I smoked Super Lemon Haze for the first time when I was under exam stress. It helped me to relax and concentrate, and I was able to pass all my exams with flying colours."


How strong is super Lemon Haze?

The strength of Super Lemon Haze can vary depending on the source and growing method, but is generally in the medium to high range.

THC content:

  •     Average: 19%
  •     Range: 16-22%


  •     Energising and motivating
  •     Euphoric and mood enhancing
  •     Promotes clarity and focussing
  •     Pleasantly relaxing, without couch-lock

Comparison with other strains:

  •     Stronger than: Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze
  •     Similar in strength to: Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer
  •     Weaker than: Gorilla Glue, Gelato

Please note:

    The use of cannabis is illegal in many countries. Check the laws in your country before consuming cannabis.
    Super Lemon Haze is a potent strain with a high THC content. Be careful when consuming it and respect your individual limits.

Please note that this is not medical advice. If you have any questions about the medical use of cannabis, please consult a doctor.

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