Germinate hemp seeds with kitchen paper

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Germinate hemp seeds with kitchen paper - How to germinate hemp seeds correctly?

The most important thing after choosing the right hemp strain is germination. Here we will explain to you step by step how to successfully germinate your hemp seeds.

Cannabis seeds need three things to germinate: water, warmth and darkness. For this reason, there are many methods you can use to germinate your seeds. The most common and easiest method is to use paper towels saturated with water. We at Seeds66 expressly recommend this germination method.

For this method you need:

  •          Two clean plates or a small plastic container with a lid
  •          Paper towels (kitchen roll)
  •          seeds
  •          Water

Benötigte Sachen zum Keimen von Hanfsamen 1Benötigte Sachen zum Keimen von Hanfsamen 2Benötigte Sachen zum Keimen von Hanfsamen 3

Germination instructions step 1:

Take five sheets of paper towels (kitchen roll) and moisten them with water. The paper towels should be nice and moist, but be sure to let any excess water drip off. Take four of the paper towels and place them on a plate or in your sprouting container. Then place your cannabis seeds an inch apart on the paper towels and cover them with the remaining paper towels. Germination container with 4 pieces of kitchen roll moistens hemp seeds in the germination box. Hemp seeds ready for germination in the germination box

Keimbehälter mit 4 Stück Küchenrolle befeuchtetHanfsamen in der KeimdoseHanfsamen fertig zum Keimen in der Keimdose

Germination instructions step 2:

Cannabis seeds should definitely be germinated in the dark. So place a second plate over it like a dome.

Germination instructions step 3:

The most important point when germinating hemp seeds is the temperature. Hemp seeds need warmth to germinate. So make sure that the medium (plastic container or plate) in which you germinate the seeds must have a temperature between 27 and 30 degrees. After completing these steps, it's time to wait. Please check every 10 hours whether the paper towels are still nice and damp. If they seem to be losing their moisture, you can moisten them with a few drops of water. Some seeds germinate very quickly while others can take several days. You know a seed has germinated when the seed splits and a single sprout appears. This is the taproot that becomes the main stem of the plant and is a sign of successful germination. If you have temperature problems, fold a towel together 2-3 times and place it on the radiator. Then your germination container.

Burst seedlings in the germination box Seedlings 5 millimeters long Finished germinated hemp seeds 1 centimeter long

Aufgeplatzte Keimlinge in der KeimdoseKeimlinge 5 Milimeter langFertig gekeimte Hanfsamen 1 Zentimeter lang

Germination instructions step 4:

As soon as the seeds germinate, carefully plant them with the germ facing down. 5 mm deep has proven to be optimal.

How long do hemp seeds take to germinate?

All hemp seeds have different germination times depending on the breeder. The longest ones take up to 14 days to germinate. So don't throw the seeds in the trash after 2 - 3 days just because you don't see any germs yet. But keep in mind that there are always seeds that simply don't want to germinate. It is simply a natural product.

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