Overview of different cannabis strains

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Overview of different cannabis strains - Marijuana strains - which ones are there?

This report on original marijuana strains gives you precise information about all cannabis strains, including the origin of these strains and their genetics. Additionally some smoke reports including a description of the effects.

Marijuana varieties are either purebred, or hybrid varieties of the genus Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. The huge selection of marijuana varieties results from the long-term crossing and breeding of various seed banks. Through this process, thousands of different varieties have been brought to market in recent years, but mostly derived from very few original marijuana varieties. The names of the individual varieties are usually selected by their breeders. The individual varieties are then often named after the taste, color, smell or origin of the cannabis strain.

The best known marihuna varieties are

  •     OG Kush
  •     Sour Diesel
  •     Jack Herer
  •     Purple Kush
  •     White Widow
  •     Blue Dream
  •     Northern lights
  •     AK 47

Indica marijuana varieties

Cannabis Indica plants have their genetics of the original landrace varieties from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they were used primarily for the production of hashish. Unlike sativa plants, the effect of indica cannabis strains typically results in a heavy "stoned" feel and has a sedative effect. It is therefore often used by users of medical cannabis in pain relief. In cultivation Indica cultivars grow very compact and have dense hard flowers with very broad leaves.

The best-known cannabis indica varieties are

  •     OG Kush
  •     Bubba Kush
  •     Kosher Kush
  •     Granddaddy Purple
  •     Ice
  •     Northern lights
  •     Purple Kush
  •     Chronic
  •     Blueberry

Sativa marijuana varieties

Sativa plants come from warm countries like Thailand, Colombia or Mexico. The cannabis sativa plant is quite different than its indica sister. Both in the way it grows and in its effect. She is known for her uplifting high and her refreshing effect. Ideal for smokers who do not want to lie on the sofa all day. In the medical cannabis faction she is also used for depression and muscle tension. All varieties of cannabis sativa usually grow very large and take longer to flower. For this, the yield is greater in these plants.

The best known cannabis sativa varieties are

  •     Sour Diesel
  •     Blue Dream
  •     Trainwreck
  •     Cheese # 1
  •     Green crack
  •     Purple Haze
  •     Jack
  •     Chocolope

Hybrid marijuana varieties

Hybrid varieties are much more common nowadays than pure indica or sativa varieties. Many cannabis breeders cross a variety of marijuana strains in an effort to create ever-better and more robust genetics. The best features of Indica and Sativa are combined to create a hybrid with wonderful balance.

The best known hybrid cannabis strains

  •     NYC Diesel
  •     White Widow
  •     Lemon skunk
  •     Cinderella 99
  •     Super Silver Haze
  •     White Russian
  •     Skunk haze
  •     Bubblegum

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