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Purple Haze

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The Purple Haze is again a new (old) classic in the program of Seeds66

The Jimi Hendrix classic popular (but unrelated) variety Purple Haze is known for its euphoric and almost psychedelic stimulation. This classic is a sativa dominant hyprid that has inspired many generations of cannabis lovers. Purple Haze is a "fast hitter" similar to Sour Diesel. Consumers often notice the sweet berry candy flavors that give each Purple variety its roots. Second, you will notice the earthy spice subtle notes and perhaps a hint of ripe grapes. The flavors and tastes of this variety mix so well that even the smoke tastes sweet.

Purple Haze is an 85/15 sativa dominant strain. The origin is unknown, experts believe that it is a cross of the popular strains Haze and Purple Thai. The same genetics that lead to popular varieties like Lemon Haze and Grape Ape. As a Sativa-Dominant hybrids with Haze descent, it is an optimal strain for the treatment of muscle tension, pain, headache, depression and anxiety. This strain makes you active and not sleepy. Take this strain to a party, to go hiking or to socialize with friends.

Recreational and medical users have described an intense sense of inspiration, blissful calm, and a light-bodied feel. This fragrant variety is known for its cerebral stimulation that relieves fatigue and discomfort. This stimulation may benefit users with attention deficit disorders who may not be able to focus on a single task. Medical patients also use it for nausea, migraine and chronic pain.

The THC content of Purple Haze can be between 16 and 21%, which is typical of a sativa, while the CBD content is usually between 0.1 and 0.5%, making this variety a very beneficial variety. CBN is typically 0.01 to 0.05%.

The Purple Haze is considered to be very easy to grow and is highly recommended for beginners. With a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, this plant achieves an extremely high indoor and outdoor yield. Indoor yields of up to 600 grams / m2 are achieved. Outdoor up to 1500 grams / plant. It is also characterized by its high disease resistance. Although Purple Haze can thrive in northern climates such as Scandinavia, professional growers recommend a sunny climate.

Purple Haze's typical terpene content is about 0.67% beta-caryophyllene, 0.5% humene, 0.17% myrcene, and a handful of other 0.1% terpene (linalool, alpha & beta pinene, etc.). This combination of oils is soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, especially in Purple Haze wax.

Purple Haze buds are striking deep green with rich purple hues. It usually has long and large flowers that are surrounded by huge leaves. Look The flowers are covered by a thick layer of sweet sticky resin. Some variations even have purple hair with light blue undertones.

Purples are known to produce high levels of terpene myrcene and cannabinoid THC. These varieties are mostly from purple Afghani, sometimes crossed with Skunk varieties. Purple varieties are known to produce the pigment anthocyanin (purple color) to protect themselves from sunlight. This color is a class of plant pigments called flavonoids. The flavonoid anthocyanin is responsible for the red, blue and violet pigments of Purple Haze. The color depends on the pH; A plant that is more acidic shows red pigments, a more alkaline plant has blue hues, a neutral plant that is between the two produces purple flavonoids.
Anthocyanin is found in antioxidant foods such as grapes, blueberries and raspberries. It is also known that antioxidants cause anti-inflammatory effects in the body, although there is no scientific research, there is the possibility that purple strains act in the same way.

Properties of Purple Haze
Inside Outside
Genotype: 85% Sativa-dominant hybrid
Genetics: Unknown (probably Haze x Purple Thai)
THC: 16 - 21%
CBD: 0.1-0.5
Flowering period: from 8 to 10 weeks (inside)
Outdoor flowering: early to mid-October (northern hemisphere)
Production outside: up to 1500 grams / plant
Production inside: up to 600 grams / m2

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