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Lemon Haze Auto

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The days when a sativa grows to 5 meters high and have an extremely long flowering period are over. We crossed a Super Lemon Haze with a ruderalis and created a mini sativa.

Lemon Haze Auto retains the best qualities of its sister, the HTTC Cup winner. This special Sativa variety provides a fast-acting and cerebral effect with slight physical relaxation.

Growing the Lemon Haze from autoflower seeds

It is very easy to grow, very resistant to low temperatures (it only requires temperatures above 10 degrees) and is therefore suitable for beginners. It thrives best with 18-20 hours of lighting from start to harvest.

The Lemon Haze offers many advantages. It is robust and insensitive and you can achieve a high yield with it. And to cultivate them, only minimal experience and knowledge is required. Therefore, it is also perfect for beginners. The Lemon Haze Auto does not rely on light cycles and can be grown regardless of the season. She also matures faster than her normal feminized sister. With all these advantages, growers, even beginners, can enjoy multiple harvests all year round.

Even in colder climates, it is possible to harvest 2 harvests a year without any losses. It shouldn't get colder than 10 degrees afterwards. Of course, this also applies to all other varieties.

It is ready after 7-9 weeks of flowering, reaches a height of 70 - 80 cm and is able to achieve 600 grams per square meter. In the garden, the Lemon Haze Auto's flowering time is the same as indoors, while production is between 70 and 80 grams per plant. It also gets a little bigger there. We have already seen 2 meter specimens.

Lemon Haze fragrance and taste

Lemon Haze Auto will not disappoint even the most demanding smokers because it tastes wonderful of lemon. The fragrance of the Lemon Haze alone is enough to activate all the senses. Your smoke smells strongly of fresh lemon peel with a spicy note of herbs. When you exhale, it gives the lips a taste that closely resembles its fragrance - the aromas of herbs and citrus.

The effect of the Lemon Haze

The effect of the Lemon Haze begins slowly and does not hit the user like a hammer blow. Instead, while enjoying its citrusy aroma, you will slowly feel the mental elevation and increasing strength.

It starts with an intensified reaction to external influences such as images and sounds. Then the mood becomes brighter and more positive until it reaches a euphoric state. At the same time, the energy increases with increasing high. The Lemon Haze is clearly a strain for the day and not for the evening.

The Lemon Haze is perfect for going out with friends, visiting a club or for a private social gathering with friends.

Medicinal properties of the Lemon Haze

With your positive high, Lemon Haze can help people deal with stress and depression. It is also perfect for users who always feel tired and sluggish.

Your Haze genes also have other medical values. Their anti-inflammatory properties can effectively relieve pain, whether chronic or nervous.

Lemon Haze Auto Features:

THC content: 16 - 20%
CBD content: 0.1%
Genus: feminized
Flower type: autoflowering
Genetics: Super Lemon Haze x Ruderalis
Variety: mainly sativa
Yield: up to 600g / m2
Flowering indoors: 7-9 weeks indoors
Flowering outside: from April to early October
It must be continuously above 10 C (also at night)

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