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We can still remember when OG Kush first appeared in America. It hit like a bomb back then. And while it quickly became as popular as Pineapple Express and White Widow, the origins of this intriguing cannabis strain have long remained a mystery.

Many thought that she might be a cross between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. Others again. are sure that she is a cross between 3 different strains, namely a Thai Lemon, the Old World Paki Kush and the Chemdawg. This secret of OG Kush's genetics and lineage has only increased the mystical allure of this delicious phenotype.

A unique backbone of many world-renowned cannabis strains, OG Kush is considered the legend of revolutionizing the marijuana industry. There are always new OG Kush hybrids that still carry the ancestral genetics of the original OG Kush.

We have listed some OK Kush descendants for you here:

•Godfather OG
• Hellfire OG
•THC Flash
•Critical Kush
• Black Sugar
• Gelato Kush
•Banana Kush

The growth and cultivation of OG Kush

OG Kush grows in a typical "cannabis look". It has a classic yellow-green leaf color and the flowers bear orange pistils. The petals have light green to sage colored leaves and are covered with a thick layer of resin.

Growing OG Kush indoors

The best place to cultivate OG Kush is, of course, in an indoor grow tent. Here you can regulate the temperature, humidity and light cycle yourself and adapt them perfectly to the needs of your plants. OG Kush has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks which is typical for a Kush strain. the yield is up to 600 grams per square meter indoors.

The use of hydroponic systems can still opt for this yield, but is not absolutely necessary as the yield on soil is also very high. Indoors, it usually doesn't get bigger than 80 - 120 centimeters.

Growing OG Kush outdoors.

She also cuts a fine figure outdoors and can be grown in large pots (50 litres) or directly in the ground. Harvest time is late September to mid-October. The yield is between 600 and 1000 grams per plant outdoors.

Smell and taste of the OG Kush

It's an impressive encounter when you put your nose in a bag of OG Kush for the first time. Woody with an earthiness of fresh hash and a powerful nose of mixed woods that makes you think you're standing in a damp young forest on a morning.

When smoked, notes of lime, lemon and spices are added, as well as a light hint of fruit sorbet.

The effects of OG Kush

You can already guess how potent the OG Kush is when you see the fat buds completely covered in crystalline trichomes. In fact, the THC content is between 24 and 27%, making it a real "hard hitter". The very high THC content was of course the main reason why the OG Kush was used for the breeding of countless strains.

The effect of OG Kush starts with a strong burst of euphoria and an intense cerebral effect that turns into a light to strong "couch lock" after some time. This results in a wonderful amalgamation of euphoria and a calm and comfortable state of mind.

Possible medicinal uses of OG Kush

The OG-Kush revolutionized the medical use of cannabis in America. It was used most frequently in pain therapy, but also for sleeping and eating disorders.

The terpene profile of OG Kush

alpha-cedrene / alpha-terpineol / borneol / camphene / citral / D-limonene / eugenol / fenchol / linalool / nerolidol / orange terpenes / phytol / terpinolene / alpha-pinene / beta-caryophyllene / cadinene / eugenol / farnesene / humulene / myrcene / ocimen /

Characteristics of the OG Kush

•Variety: Indica dominant
•Type of strain: feminized
•Genetics: Thai Lemon x Old World Paki Kush x Chemdawg
•Effect: Balanced between physical and mental
•Flavour: Lemon / Spicy / Fruity
•Flowering time indoors: 55 - 65 days
• Outdoor harvest time: 55 - 65 days
•Yield Indoor: 500 - 600g / m2
•Yield Outdoor: Yield 600 - 1000 grams per plant
•Size indoor: 80 - 120 centimeters
•Size outdoor: up to 200 centimeters
•THC content: 24 - 27%
•CBD content: 0.2%

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