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Afgahn Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

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Positronics - Afghan Express: Crossing between Lowryder 2 and Afghan

All-feminized and ready to start their veg/autoflowering cycle immediately after germination, these seeds are absolutely perfect for the beginning cannabis cultivator. Afghan Express’ parents, Lowryder II and Afghan, were chosen specially by Positronics in an attempt to, yet again, break the barriers of current autoflowering strains. Selecting the old Wernard clone Afghan genetics as a starting point, Positronics bred in Lowryder II’s autoflowering ruderalis properties, keeping the Afghan’s desirable THC to CBD ratio while creating an indica strain that grows easier and yields bigger than ever before. Afghan Express’ high is calming, soothing, and euphoric. A vibrant body buzz comes on shortly after a puff of the strain, along with a relaxing, calm disperse of stress and a bit of sedativeness. The cannabis is a choice pick among medicinal users as well, boasting a near 0.3% CBD content and a tension killing, pain relieving stone to match.

After germination, the seeds will start right into their veg period, vegetating for around two weeks before switching right to their autoflowering period (regardless of what you do with the lights and photoperiod; obviously!). Afghan Express grows up looking similar to a lot of varieties of Afghan plants. She grows tall, reaching its colas up to 2 meters from the ground outdoors (which also makes the choice of a scrog grow a very good option with these autoflowering seeds) and yielding up to 200 grams per plant (or per meter squared, growing the seeds indoors). Its branches grow out sturdy, long, and in numbers, making the plant a beautiful, emerald, bud-laden sight to see, but also sometimes causing tangling and bushing problems (but as long as the cannabis plant is trimmed and taken care of regularly, this won’t end up getting in the way of the grow). Aside from this, its mold resistance is great, and often times pests that can really mess up the average cannabis strain’s grow cycle find that they have trouble doing damage do a healthy Afghan Express plant. The cannabis flowers quick, taking around 70 days and up to 80, and at the end, the harvest won’t fail to please.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with growing a couple of feminized, autoflowering Afghan Express seeds, no matter your cultivation experience. If you’re new to cannabis growing, then we absolutely recommend the strain as a top indica and Afghan autoflowering seed. It smokes with a classic, hearty Afghan hash taste, nuanced with aromas of honey and soft leather, its buds grow in big, dense packs dripping with resin, and its indica high makes any relaxing afternoon a smoke in heaven. A great cannabis strain, a great autofloweing cannabis seed; another great one from Positronics.

THC Content: High (15-20%)
Flowering Type: Autoflowering
Max Flowering Time: 11 weeks 10 Weeks
Yield: High
Variety: Indica / Sativa
Grows: Greenhouse Outdoor Indoor
Plant Height: Short
CBD Content: Low (0-1%)
Cupwinner: No
Sex: Feminised
Breeder: Positronics Seeds

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