Silver Cheese Feminisierte Samen 5 Seeds

Artikelnummer: 421-0001

Kategorie: Cheese Sorten

Silver Cheese Feminisierte Samen

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Silver Cheese Feminisierte Samen Big Buddha Seeds latest hybrid an award winning combination of 2 magnificent champions, the Super Silver Haze and Big Buddha's favourite daughter -the 'original' Big Buddha Cheese. This award winning combination has been in the pipeline for years but finally, after a lot of extensive research, they have found our selected clone which they felt suitable to be named the 'Silver Cheese'! Expect a 'melee' of mouth watering flavours. The sweetness of the Super Silver Haze mixed with a pungent goodness of Cheese brings a long lasting effect - waves. Silver Cheese will please you with fast hybrid growth and finishes with a true top shelf final product.

Max. Blütezeit: 10 Wochen
Cupwinner: Ja
Blütentyp: Photoperiode
Gattung: Feminisierte
Sorte: Zum größten Teil Sativa
Standort: Outdoor Indoor Glashaus
Wachstumshöhe: Mittel
Hersteller: Big Buddha Seeds

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