Wakeford 1.0 - Reeferman - 10 Samen

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Wakeford was originally a hybrid of very old school UBC Chemo cutting and huge wide leafed Indica male OB-G13 (G13 x skunk #1) that was very skunking tasting. The outcomes were incredible the plants lime green with hard and tough buds that were midst the strongest Cannabis. Reeferman had a cutting that was presumed long gone until lady from Victoria gave them cutting that was better than Wakeford was ever remembered to be! This Wakeford 1.0 is female seeds created from that cutting. Expect 2 phenotypes, both are breath-taking and smoke practically the same. One leans more towards the Chemo the other is typical of the hybrid. Wakeford 1.0 is incredible medical marijuana that offers pain relief and appetite stimulation.

Indica / Sativa Hybrid
Genetics: UBC Chemo x OB-G13
Flavour: Orange kush taste
Indoor flowering time: 49 - 56 days

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