Let the Cannabis seeds germinate

Germinating cannabis seeds is not witchcraft. We'll explain how to do it in 5 simple steps.

You need the following things: 1 glass, 2 plates, 2 pieces of kitchen paper, water

Step 1:

Take a glass of water and soften your seeds there for about 12 - 18 hours.

Step 2:

Put a piece of kitchen paper on a plate and spread the hemp seeds out of the cup. Cover the second kitchen paper and moisten with water. The seeds should not be in the water, the kitchen paper should only be moist.

Step 3:

Then put the second plate over it

Step 4:

At least 21 degrees, you check every day if the cannabis seeds are still wet or if they start to germinate already. We have observed that the seedlings grow too slowly with too much water. Do not let the kitchen paper completely dry out. The germs could stick and tear off. We recommend 25 degrees as optimum germination temperature! Some seeds want it even warmer and do not want to germinate below 30 degrees.

Step 5:

As soon as the seeds germinate, plant carefully with the germ down. 5 mm deep has been found to be optimal.

How long do hemp seeds need to germinate?

All cannabis seeds have different germination times depending on the breeder. The longest take up to 14 days to germinate. Therefore, do not throw the seeds in the garbage after 2 - 3 days just because you still do not see a germ. But keep in mind that there are always seeds that just do not want to germinate. It is just a natural product.

    What we do not recommend to you is germinating the cannabis seeds in the soil. The germination rate is here up to 40% lower than with the method shown by us.

But we want to bring you closer to all other types of cannabis germination and have summarized everything here ....

Cannabis seeds, like most other seeds, germinate with normal plant soil. Sufficiently moist and warm, they only start to germinate and grow over time to a beautiful plant. A hard shell protects the soft core of the seed, which consists to a large extent of moisture and nutrients. Thus, the seed survives a prolonged cold spell without it being damaged. Here you will find out how you can germinate the valuable cannabis seeds:

First variant:
So that the cannabis seed can germinate, you put it in garden soil. As soon as it is frost-free outside at night - this is certainly the case from mid-May - you can also place the pots in the open air. Put the cannabis seeds about one centimeter deep into the fresh seed soil, pour in a little water and close the hole with the seed. Make sure that the soil is moist, but not wet, otherwise the hemp seeds will start to rot. If you pull a thin plastic film over the pot, you create a greenhouse effect in it, in which the plant can really feel good. After about a week, the first shoot spikes out of the ground. Now the plant must always be kept moist. Sometimes, until the cannabis seeds germinate, you need a lot of patience.

Second variant:
In this variant, the cannabis seeds can germinate when they are directly in the water. Fill a glass with water and arrange it so that the temperature remains as even as possible. Ideal are about 24 degrees Celsius, so that the cannabis seeds can germinate. Change the water every day - or at least every other day, to keep it clean. But keep the temperature constant and do not touch the hemp seed if possible. Within five days, a small white root, which looks like a little worm, sticks out on the seed. If it is about three millimeters long, you can implement it in potting soil. Put the small root in the ground and let the seedhead just peep out of the ground a bit.

Third variant:
If you want to make sure that your cannabis seeds germinate, you should choose the variant of Seeds66. Fill a cup with lukewarm water and soak your seeds for 12 hours. Then take two towels from kitchen paper or other paper towels and put them in a Petri dish or a flat plate. Moisten the cloths and put the seeds in between. Make sure that they still get air, so that the cannabis seed can germinate. Therefore, no foil should be covered over the bowl or the plate. In order for the cannabis seed to germinate, however, the kitchen paper must not dry out under any circumstances. If the fresh seedling sticks to the dry paper with its fine root hair, you will damage it if you want to remove it from the dry paper. And with a broken root, the hemp seed can not grow a healthy plant. In this variant, you can put the bowl either in the dark or in the light as there is a plate over it anyway. Much more important than the light is a uniform temperature so that the hemp seeds can germinate. 25 degrees Celsius is optimal. Once a small root grows, you pot the plants in fresh soil. Make sure you plant the germ down and place the small seed just below the ground. 5mm with earth covered is ptimal.

Hemp seeds are a natural product
Since hemp seeds are a natural product, only then can you be sure that plants will grow from the seeds when the hemp seeds germinate. Before the seed is not to see whether it germinates well or is lazy inside. Only after the cannabis seeds germinate is it sure that he was healthy. Once the cannabis seeds germinate, you should place them in the place where they can grow well and thrive.

Hemp needs good conditions for optimal growth
When the cannabis seeds germinate, they then need enough water and light to grow well and grow quickly. If the plants in the house are raised by you, then you should make sure that they get enough light. If it is too dark, the plants grow large, but remain thin and hardly develop lateral leaves and shoots. They simply stretch themselves so that they get enough light, but do not develop properly. Sometimes these plants become so thin and frail that they will break over and die off. If you want to use your plants in the open air, they get enough sunlight, but often the temperatures fluctuate too much. Especially in the spring, the night is often very cool. Then a greenhouse, which can be heated under certain circumstances, a suitable place for a safe rearing. After the cool days have passed, the hemp plants can then also be left in the fresh air. Then they have already formed strong roots and developed a firm shoot with many leaves. Thus, the breeding of the hemp plants becomes a breeze for you.