Buy Cannabis Seeds - Checklist

Choosing the right cannabis seeds is crucial to success. The selection on the market is huge and you should already take enough time to select the perfect seeds for your own needs. It is important to buy only high quality cannabis seeds. Stay away from bulk seeds or bulk seed. Here mostly B-goods are offered for sale. The seeds germinate worse and provide inferior yields.
Selection criteria when buying cannabis seeds

How much space do I have for my hemp plants?
Feminised seeds or automatic seeds?
How high are they allowed to become?
Do I build indoor or outdoor?
How much income do I want to achieve?
Am I a beginner or an experienced breeder?
How much time do I have to grow?

All these criteria play an important role in the purchase of cannabis seeds. We have therefore divided our online shop in all these important categories. Seeds66 is a professional seed company from Austria. We do not produce our cannabis seeds ourselves but buy them from the very best breeders in the industry. The cannabis seeds we offer for sale are therefore all of exceptional quality. Whether feminized seeds, our Autoflowering Seeds or our medicinal cannabis strains.
Which cannabis seeds do we offer for sale?

We offer feminized seeds: only 98% of them produce only female plants.
We offer automatic seeds: These have all the advantages of feminized cannabis seeds, but will automatically start to bloom after 3 - 4 weeks.

We are being asked more and more often recently, whether we also sell cuttings or in addition to our hemp seeds in the future which have in our program. Here we have a clear "no". We continue to only sell cannabis seeds. The reasons we want to list you here.

Hemp seeds always have better genetic quality.
Cuttings often do not know the genetic origin of the plant.
Plants grown from hemp seeds achieve a higher harvest.
Often cuttings are bent or have strangely shaped leaves.
Hemp seed plants grow stronger and more regulated.
Hemp seeds can be shipped throughout the year.