Kaliman Seeds

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Kaliman Seeds is a Spanish seed bank specialized in breeding feminized, autoflowering and CBD rich strains. The seed bank was founded in 2012 and has since made a name for itself in the cannabis industry.

Kaliman Seeds offers a variety of strains known for their high potency, good yields, and excellent taste. The seed bank works to combine and improve the best genetics from around the world to create unique and innovative strains.

Kaliman Seeds also has an eco-friendly approach to growing cannabis. The seed bank only uses natural farming methods and strives to minimize their impact on the environment. Kaliman Seeds also uses sustainable farming practices to ensure their strains are available in the future.

Another focus of Kaliman Seeds is the development of autoflowering strains. These strains are particularly easy to grow as they flower regardless of the amount of light and therefore do not require special light cycles. Kaliman Seeds offers a wide range of autoflowering strains known for their fast flowering times and high potency.

Kaliman Seeds also places great importance on customer satisfaction. The seed bank offers a guarantee for their seeds and strives to support their customers with any questions or problems. The seed packaging is also very attractively designed, making it a perfect gift for any cannabis lover.

In summary, Kaliman Seeds is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality cannabis seeds. With their wide range of strains, eco-friendly approach and customer-centric policy, Kaliman Seeds has established itself as one of the leading seed banks in the industry.