Tropical Seeds

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Tropical Seeds is a seed bank that specializes in selling cannabis seeds. The company was founded in 2008 by two passionate growers from Spain and since then it has gained a good reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality seeds in the cannabis community.

The seed bank offers a wide range of different cannabis strains, including many hybrids created by crossing different strains. Most of these strains are indica or sativa dominant, although there are also some strains that are described as balanced hybrids.

A distinctive feature of Tropical Seeds is that they focus a lot on the quality of their products. The seed bank uses only the best male and female plants to produce their seeds, and performs strict quality control checks to ensure that every seed they sell is healthy and viable. In addition, the company also works closely with other breeders to develop new varieties and improve the genetics of their seeds.

Tropical Seeds sells their seeds worldwide and has a good reputation in the cannabis community. Many growers appreciate the quality of the seeds and the wide range of strains offered by the seed bank. Although the sale of cannabis seeds is illegal in some countries, Tropical Seeds strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and provide its customers with a discreet and reliable service.

We have Towerful and Kushmatic on offer from them. With us you can order Tropical Seeds weed seeds online.