Strain Hunters

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The Strain Hunters is a seed bank that specializes in selling cannabis seeds. The company was founded by two cannabis activists Franco Loja and Arjan Roskam, who are also founders of the famous coffeeshop "Green House" in Amsterdam. The Strain Hunters strives to collect, grow and sell the best cannabis strains from around the world.

A unique feature of The Strain Hunters is that they have set out to find rare and unique cannabis strains by traveling to different parts of the world to find the best genetics. The seed bank has made expeditions to countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, India, Morocco and many others to collect rare strains and produce the best seeds.

The Strain Hunters offers a wide range of different cannabis strains, including many hybrid varieties created by crossing different strains. Some of The Strain Hunters' most popular strains include White Lemon, which is an indica-dominant strain with a citrus aroma, or Flowerbomb Kush, an indica-dominant strain with an intense aroma and high THC content.

Another feature of The Strain Hunters is that they specialize in breeding feminized seeds. This means that all seeds are female, which is a great advantage for many growers, as they don't have to worry about separating male and female plants.

The Strain Hunters places great emphasis on the quality of their products. The seed bank uses only the best male and female plants to make their seeds, and performs strict quality control checks to ensure that every seed they sell is healthy and viable.

The Strain Hunters sells their seeds worldwide and has a good reputation in the cannabis community. Many growers appreciate the quality of the seeds and the wide selection of strains offered by the seed bank. Although the sale of cannabis seeds is illegal in some countries, The Strain Hunters strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and provide their customers with a discreet and reliable Service.