Orient Express Feminisierte Samen 3 Seeds

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A potent F1 marijuana hybrid

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Orient Express Feminisierte Samen

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ACE Seeds Orient Express  is a potent F1 marijuana hybrid from Ace Seeds industry whose breeders combined the high production of aromatic and resinous flowers of a Vietnam Black mother with the low height and short flowering time of a Yunnan Chinese indica. This cannabis strain is sativa dominated and shows characteristics typical for sativas, except, maybe, the height. Ace seed selectors did their best and created a petite Asian lady perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Her size doesn't exceed 130 cm, the plants developed from Orient Express seeds, are column like with more buds sites than on an indica. The buds are somehow less dense, however, the final product is of an incredible quality. THC content is said to be between 14 and 16%, giving a cerebral sativa effect, less strong on the body and with a more pronounced effect on the brain, where it goes from a creative feeling to a trippy one according to the power.Orient Express has a compact structure with good branching. After a short flowering, which lasts only 9 weeks, she goes into a quick bud maturing phase. A deep and organic marijuana aroma appears from the beginning of her flowering. Smoking is muddy flavoured with floral details.All cannabis seeds selected and bred by Ace Seeds industry are specially designed for indoor and outdoor cultivation. They are very resistant to diseases and cope well with any climate surprises, warm or cold. This cannabis variety can bring a variety to your marijuana gardens and is highly recommended to anyone who likes Asian flavours

THC-Gehalt: Hoch (15-20%)
Blütentyp: Photoperiode
Max. Blütezeit: 10 Wochen
Ertrag: Hoch
Sorte: Indica / Sativa
Standort: Glashaus Outdoor Indoor
Wachstumshöhe: Klein
Gattung: Feminisierte
Hersteller: ACE Seeds

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