Haze Gom Selbstblühende Feminisierte Samen 3 Seeds

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Haze Gom Selbstblühende Feminisierte Samen

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Haze Gom Selbstblühende Feminisierte Samen A fast to finish automatic strain with a true Haze taste obtained by crossing an early flowering phenotype of Super Silver Haze with a selected Lowryder #2. Despite its sativa dominant parents, Haze Gom grows basically like an indica and is ready to harvest within only 60 days from germination. Despite that, during its flowering it will gave off a so intense fruity/hazy smell that makes anyone's mouth water. Haze Gom develops in a medium sized plant that typically grows to around 80 cm tall with one long main cola and short side branches loaded of sticky buds extremely rich in terpens. Ideal for indoor growing and balconies. A pretty homogenous strain with two variations in aroma: one fruity/citric and spicy and the other definitevely piny and incensed. Strong sativa effect, uplifting mentally.

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