Big Tooth Feminisierte Samen 3 Seeds

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Kategorie: Cannabis Samen

Big Tooth Feminisierte Samen

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The Big Tooth grows fast and very vigorous. It has a very good resistance to pests, mould and cold temperatures. It is a very bushy plant with medium sized internodes and tends to branch out very well if the size of ?the root system allows it. The leaves are large with long leaflets, non-overlapping.? The buds grow irregular, pear-shaped, often fox-tailing. Calyxes are round, small, covered in resin. ? The smell is very penetrating, complex. The effect starts on the indica side with a fast onset, then evolves into a mind-altering giggly one. ? Medicinally used for appetite stimulation and as an antidepressant.

THC-Gehalt: Sehr hoch (über 20%)
CBD Gehalt: Durchschnittlich (1-5%)
Blütentyp: Photoperiode
Ertrag: Hoch
Gattung: Feminisierte
Sorte: Indica / Sativa
Standort: Glashaus Outdoor Indoor
Wachstumshöhe: Mittel
Hersteller: Strain Hunters

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